Sweet But Less Sugar: Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Key Takeaway

In this article, we give readers a few gift ideas for their friends, family, and someone special that's perfect for the season of hearts.

As a season recognized for its sweetness, Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily mean we have to fall prey to sugary confections. Especially for those who want to be consistent with their new year fitness goals, surely there could be another way to celebrate the holiday without breaking any promises.

After all, there is more to Valentine's than a season filled with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and decadent flower arrangements. In its very essence, what counts is that you express your genuine fondness and appreciation for your friends and loved ones. And what could be more thoughtful than caring about their hearts and blood sugar?

For this upcoming season, fill the hearts of those near and dear to you with love while keeping their sugar levels in check. Here are three lovely and fructose-friendly gift ideas that you can make sweeter with tender and heart-warming activities.

1. Cozy up with hot chocolate

A mug of rich and creamy hot chocolate may not seem like the agreeable option if one is going for less sugar, but Chek Hup Kokoo's variants might be the exception. As the perfect blend of fermented Malaysian cocoa beans and low glycemic rock sugar, it's a tasteful treat for those who wouldn't want to skip out on chocolate this season. Each sip oozes a lush and mellow taste that you won't get enough of. Here's a date idea for Valentine's Day: pull up a feel-good movie and get cozy with a warm cup of cocoa in hand.

2. Make it fun with sugar-free cookies

Give in to your childlike tendencies for a day and make it fun and unforgettable. Remember the blanket and pillow forts you used to have when you were younger? How about bringing those back for a little while? Gift yourself and the people around you a whole day to indulge in lighthearted cheer. You can complete the whole experience with a round of sugar-free chocolate chip cookies from Gullon. Yes, it's still possible to nibble on these cookies without the dreaded sugar crash.

Gullon uses low-calorie maltitol to create sweetness in their biscuits, instead of refined sugars more commonly used in treats. Even better, Gullon goes further to choose high oleic sunflower oil in the ingredients, which have a demonstrated effect of reducing high cholesterol levels and maintaining heart health.

3. Recreate an Italian gourmet experience

Heading out for a three-course and candlelit dinner may be the fixed option for Valentine's Day, but who's to say you can't have the same experience right at home? Apart from being the safer alternative, it's also the perfect opportunity to challenge your burgeoning skills as a cook. Have a whirl in recreating an exquisite Italian dish while transforming your dining area into a charming semblance of Little Italy.

With Umbria Terra Di Tartufi's white truffle oil and truffle sauce, dive into a new state of aromatic bliss with its earthy essence that's unlike any other. Need a prompt for a recipe idea? You might want to try this version of Cream Pasta with Jamon Serrano by Nathaniel Uy from The Hungry Chef. And pair it off with a luscious appetizer like the Black Truffle Stuffed Baked Brie from The Peach Kitchen by Peachy Adarne.

Make the simplest items the sweetest gifts by enclosing them with a fond memory your friends and family can keep forever. For Valentine's Day, go beyond expectations and fill their hearts with actions that speak louder than any verbal cue.

The goal in gift-giving, after all, is to have them appear more than pretty trifles for display.

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