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A Sweet Moment Without Sugar

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We narrate how Gullón is the best health biscuits that taste good and make you feel even better.

The science against the ill effects of sugar is well-known. Consuming too much of it, most notably from soda and biscuits, makes you gain weight and beckons that pesky acne to appear on your face. While the extra pounds may make you look unflattering, more pressing problems could also arise — heart disease, diabetes, and a gaggle of disorders that rob you of the opportunity to live an enjoyable life.

Despite the evidence against the detrimental effects of sugar, there are still many who fancy the high that comes with eating sugar-infused food. The moment that you finish that donut, your body releases insulin that gives you a kick of energy. Alongside this boost, your body also puts out dopamine and serotonin, which makes you feel happy and calm. This moment of bliss is fleeting and, when your mood crashes, you would need another hit of sugar once again.

With Gullón, you can have these sweet moments without compromising your health. As the inventor of health biscuits that rival the taste and texture of luxurious options, this renowned company knows the importance of making the food you eat taste good. And they do this without resorting to sky-high calorie counts and copious amount of sugar.

In fact, few companies can claim to carry as much recognition as Galletas Gullón. After being founded in 1892, it is proud to be the only family biscuit business that is still in existence after a hundred years. Nestled in the heart of Spain, Gullón has been the global authority on health biscuits thanks to its commitment to quality, food security, and investments in innovative manufacturing practices. Through its vast array of modern factories — which are the biggest and most automated in Europe — Gullón is still the undisputed king of biscuits for now and for the foreseeable future.

When you find yourself craving for the sweetness of sugar, reach for these three options instead:


This variant is so enjoyable, you’ll doubt whether sugar has managed to sneak up on these satisfying treats. But as stated in the name, Gullón did not add any sugar and instead used a delightful yogurt filling to meld together two pieces of delectable wholegrain biscuits. Because this variant is so easy to eat, these biscuits make for an ideal companion when you’re rushing between meetings or giving yourself a pick-me-up dashing off to work.


Not eating enough because of your busy schedule? This all-natural variant is loaded with fiber that helps you feel full for longer period. And since this biscuit tastes excellent no matter what you add to it, you can pair this flavor with everything. Whether it is your usual mug of black coffee or a satisfying cup of milk tea, this pack of digestives will complement any of your favorite snacks.


This variant’s most prominent claim to fame is the perfect complement to a hot cup of tea. If you stay away from coffee and prefer the mild taste of cured leaves, then do yourself a favor and put these biscuits beside your cup. The plain flavor of this variant makes it ideal for dipping into your cup of tea. The fruity sensation of Earl Grey or the robust taste of English Breakfast permeates into the biscuit itself.

While we may never truly eliminate sugar from our lives, finding healthier alternatives to our snacking choices will help us keep our weight in check, drive away those acne spots, and feel better about ourselves overall.

By replacing donuts, sodas, and crackers with far more sensible options, you are helping your body break free from the perils of sugar. So, the next time you crave for something delightful, reach for a pack of Gullón and discover that sweet moments can indeed happen without sugar. — (TGM)

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