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2021: Welcoming a #Better World

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We discuss the changes that we'll experience in the new year and how it will shape our current lifestyle into one that focuses on our health and wellness.

The stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve came with the euphoric rounds of virtual toasts. Heartfelt greetings came in waves through our smartphones as the online space fills with hopeful wishes for the year ahead. But as the last of the fireworks fizzle out and the new year clamor slowly subsides, a gentle hush passes through the air certifying the mark of a successful transition. You've arrived safely in 2021.

As expected, anticipation filled the weeks before the new year. But alongside the annual excitement, however, there was a palpable concern for what was up ahead. "Will things finally return to normal?" is the question that lingered in our minds. And now, it seems we have our answer.

We're in the long haul for a better normal.

It will be a while before we resume the life we paused pre-COVID. For now, it's time that we fully internalize the systems we've established in 2020 and be flexible enough to welcome changes that have yet to happen. But instead of getting overwhelmed with uncertainty, let's focus on giving the best we can. If we want to experience a better year, we'll have to make it better ourselves.

Here's what to anticipate this year and how you can do your part.

Expectations for friends and family

We redefined how friendships and relationships work and function. We learned that nurturing our connections doesn't need to satisfy any strict rules and guidelines for them to grow. For this year, we might find ourselves becoming more comfortable with this new setup. As friends and family adapt to this changing environment and manage their respective priorities, it'll be kinder to give them more leeway.

What you can do better:

The health and safety of the people you love are your responsibility. And as such, maintaining social distancing and limiting physical gatherings should still be observed. Prove that you can keep your bonds through alternative ways without diminishing your closeness.

Call for healthier living

The world has become more health-conscious. We recognized the need to fortify our barriers since the early days of quarantine, from sweeping the shelves of groceries for hand sanitizers and face masks to the surge of sales for immunity-boosters. And now we can expect this learned behavior to stay.

What you can do better:

As businesses move forward to implement stronger regulations that emphasize health and security, you can also reinforce healthier routines to live by. Improve your daily schedule by squeezing in time for exercise and eating well-balanced meals. Eat substantial food packed with nutrients that naturally boost your immunity. NutriBrownRice Oat with Soy Lecithin is an ideal breakfast drink for modern busy people. Each cup offers the benefits of brown rice, giving you a rich source of calcium and vitamin B6.

More avenues for growth

We started a lot of things while in quarantine. It may have been that passion project that we've always yearned to do or surpassing a goal that we've never gone past before, or maybe we've discovered an entirely new hobby to enjoy. Whichever it was, this year is the perfect time to grow their branches. Let's continue to pursue our passions without putting our health at risk.

What you can do better:

Dare to stretch the limits of what else you can do remotely and online. Foster virtual and inclusive collaboration with other like-minded and passionate individuals. Who knows, one of these partnerships and projects may even develop into more significant ventures down the line.

Growth of going digital

We've all come to understand and discover the benefits of having an online realm. It became a powerful tool that allowed life to continue as the world paused when we went into quarantine. And as we aim to regain some semblance of the life we knew, the digital world only continues to expand and become even more intertwined with our daily life. And therefore, providing us with more ways to achieve our goals.

What you can do better:

Going digital means amplifying the opportunities you have even if you're in the comforts of your home. But apart from solely being a measure to make life continue, essentially, it's also a way to make your life easier and better. This year, take full advantage of the benefits of living life online.

When it's time to shop for your essentials, get rid of the fuss by turning to a reliable online platform. Here at the Goodwill Market, you can bet on having a seamless and delightful shopping experience, shelves filled with healthier choices, and cashless transactions that are safe and secure.

Rest assured, 2021 will be another year of firsts. It's a year of discovery and new excitement that tries to move past the drawbacks from the year before. And as we embrace the new standards further, we'll realize there remains an infinite amount of possibilities despite these limitations. Let's all strive to write 2021's chapter as a year worth-remembering and marks the first step towards a better world. — (TGM)

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