Have a Merry Holiday with These Vacation Essentials

Key Takeaway

Learn how to make the most of your holiday with the help of our favorite TGM Vacation Essentials.

The holidays are the perfect reason to spend time away from work and focus on yourself and your loved ones. People who work go on vacation leaves and school children have Christmas vacations from school making it easy for everyone in the family to gather and make memories together.

Aside from creating memories, vacations are also really important for mental health. An upcoming vacation gives you something to look forward to. Whether it's spending time with your loved ones or experiencing something new, time off work and school can relieve all your pent-up stress. When you come back from your vacation, you feel refreshed and ready to take on new horizons in your career and increase your overall productivity.

Vacation Ideas for Yourself and Your Family

Staying at home, going on a staycation, or even taking a holiday vacation overseas are great ways to build more memories with your family. What’s important is having time to do what you want with safety and security, and having a great time.

Go on a staycation

Traveling to a far away place may not be everyone’s ideal vacation plan and that’s okay. You can always have a great time relaxing at the comfort of your home, a fancy local hotel, or even a quaint bed and breakfast.

Consider setting appointments for a spa day, taking a nice nap, reading a good book, or playing games all nightlong. These staycations are all about spending time for yourself and doing things that you want to do. Elevate your staycation by trying out new recipes with our Filipino Food Favorites with a TGM twist.

Fly out to a destination

For those of us who want to be jet setting tourists, this may be the ideal vacation plan for you. If flying overseas seem daunting or if you don't have the budget just yet, you can also book flights to local destinations. These domestic flights are more affordable, especially if the whole family is traveling.

Either way, it will be a memorable experience for everyone. Travel anywhere you prefer, just make sure to have fun near, far or wherever you are!

Reconnect with nature

Vacations are also the perfect time to reconnect with nature. Feel the waves of the ocean, go on a mountaineering adventure, or simply admire the stars from your balcony. Take this chance to remind yourself about the beauty of the Earth so it may reinvigorate your senses.

Keep the Good Vibes Going with TGM

In every perfect planned vacation, there’s always a factor that pops up unexpectedly. Stay prepared and be ready with vacation essentials from The Goodwill Market.

Safety First with Softa Man

Keeping your hands free from germs is the best way to keep yourself safe and healthy. Softa Man does not only disinfect, it also keeps your skin feeling soft and moisturized!

Sun Protection with Beach Hut

The sun's rays, as bright as they may be, is harmful for our skin. Always have be prepared with our trusted SPF: Beach Hut MAX SPF100 Lotion which features advanced sun care technology and has set the standard for maximum sun protection.

Skincare with Avène

You will always feel great when your skin is supple and glowing. Keep that shine on and get the dermatologist recommended Avène Essential Starter Kit.

It contains Avène's iconic Thermal Spring Water, Gentle Milk Cleanser, Gentle Toning Lotion, and Fragrance Free VHP Emulsion in easy to carry sizes, making it the perfect travel-friendly one stop skin care pack for you and your loved ones.

With Christmas day approaching, it may be harder to prioritize yourself. While the family Christmas gatherings can get busy, be sure to make time for yourself. Small things like vacation leaves are a great way to reward yourself after a whole year’s worth of hard work.

Remember to set aside some time to rest with your loved ones during the holidays. Look forward to the future, and keep in mind that you too deserve great things. — (TGM)

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