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Introducing TGM E-Perks: Shopping with Better Deals & Discounts!

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Here at TGM we aim to make sure you have an extraordinary and memorable time shopping with us at our online market.

At The Goodwill Market we want to make sure your shopping experience with us has you feeling excited and interested. With our wide array of products from different brands, we want to guarantee that you are properly taken care of. With our easy-to-navigate website, you will be able to find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible, even if you are browsing from a mobile device. We wanted to surprise our users to a special treat as we have newly launched our TGM E-Perks!

What is TGM E-Perks?

E-Perks is an online discount system which offers you various deals, sales, and offers on certain brands and products. TGM wants to ensure their users are well taken care of and enjoy themselves when browsing through their website. They have come up with the TGM E-Perks giving you discounts and promotions to incentivize you to check out some of the brands and products with exclusive promotions and discounts. So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own E-Perks by following these steps down below:

How do we Avail the E-Perks?

  1. Please sign up for an account by going to By having your own TGM account, you can avail the various eperks discounts and have the best online shopping experience.
  2. Then, you can check the online brochure at: to know all the participating products and brands.
  3. You can then add products that you like to your cart. The promotions and discounts will be applied automatically.
  4. Once you are done shopping, click on the check out button to finalize your order.

Will New Users be able to Receive the E-Perks as well?

For our newcomers, we will make sure they aren’t left out. Once they are at our landing page, they will be able to see the banner containing the microsite showcasing all of the E-Perks. The microsite will be accessible to all, even non-registered users, to be able to view the different offers from multiple brands. However, only those who have signed up and registered for their TGM account will be able to avail of our TGM E-Perks.

What are the Brands that are Currently Part of our E-Perks?


Avène has over 275 years of expertise in caring for sensitive skin and is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. They offers a full range of hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products to address the needs of sensitive skin. During the months of April until June you will be able to get a free 150 mL of Avène Thermal Spring Water for every purchase of ₱3,000 worth of Avène products with the use of the TGM E-Perks!


Bayer brings consumers some of the world’s best-known and most trusted over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements and other self-care products. You will be able to get their products at a discounted from 10% up to 50% when you use the TGM E-Perks during the months of April until June!

Bionutra Neufemme

Neufemme is an herbal dietary supplement for women that contains herbal extracts derived from Mung beans and Eucommia ulmoides. It manages and offers relief for symptoms and discomforts associated with peri-menopause or menopause. You can get a 10% discount from April until June on their Neufemme 90's.

Chek Hup

Chek hup is a unique brand that is known for its special brew merging the local Malaysian flavors and culture with freshly roasted premium coffee beans. The Chek Hup coffee comes in a packaging which ensures the highest quality and freshness of the products, giving you a standard of a healthy and natural taste of coffee. From April up to June, they will be offering a 10% discount on their delicious Chek Hup White Coffee with less sugar as well as the no sugar added.


Galletas Gullón is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe and a pioneer of healthy snacking. The biscuit company currently has one of the greatest diversity of products and leads the biscuit-health segment. They will be offering you amazing deals on numerous products you may avail on different months. From April until July you can get a 15% discount on various products from Gullón.


Umbria offers you a selection of top-quality truffle products from the best regions as well as other specialties. Sharing you the taste of Italian made products by adding a touch of refinement to make an ordinary meal feel like a fine-dining-experience. Through the TGM E-Perks you will be able to enjoy a 50% discount on their White Truffle Oil both in 100 and 200ml from April to June.

Here at TGM we aim to make sure you have an extraordinary and memorable time shopping with us at our online market. With our E-Perks we hope to give you the best experience as you browse through or wide array of products and brands. So what are you waiting for! Join and sign up now! — (TGM)

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