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4 Things You Need To Know About Truffle Oil

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Whenever we hear the word truffle, we immediately think of how it’s associated with luxury and rarity.

Whenever we hear the word truffle, we immediately think of how it’s associated with luxury and rarity. Which is true, it’s a delicacy that most of us would love to get at our favorite French or Italian restaurants. We also think of other truffle products like truffle salt, truffle butter and the one that’s recognized the most — truffle oil.

If truffles are the “diamond of the kitchen”, then we can consider truffle oil as liquid gold. While we may know what truffle oil is, there’s more to it than just something that elevates your meal to the next level. We’ve compiled some interesting facts that will make you appreciate your favorite gourmet finishing oil.

Truffle Oil Trivia

1. The Rarity of Truffles

The truffles used to make truffle oil are expensive fungi. They are very scarce, and also very hard and time-consuming to find. They come in different varieties, each with its own level of rarity. From the commonly consumed black truffle, to the extremely seasonal Italian white truffle. These fungi are hard to find, even for seasoned truffle hunters.

2. The Truffle Oil Making Process

Truffle oil in its core is a food-grade oil with the flavor essence of truffles. It can be made with different varieties of oils and truffles, but the process essentially stays the same. Chopped truffle is infused into the oil of choice and shaken daily so that the delicious flavor is evenly distributed throughout the oil.

It seems simple, but the resulting flavor of the oil really depends on what type of oil and truffle is used. Using black truffles gives the oil an earthy scent and is best used for dishes with strong and bold flavors while white truffle based truffle oil is very delicate and is best used for dishes with fresh and light flavors like pasta or risotto.

3. The Umami from Truffle Oil

Umami, which also translates to “the essence of deliciousness” in Japanese, is the core fifth taste. Truffles are jam-packed with this flavor, and in fact one of the most umami-heavy ingredients. This very flavor is infused and concentrated into truffle oil, making it more accessible so that everyone can enjoy this unique and exquisite flavor profile. Just a few dashes of this oil before serving a dish can improve its flavor by leaps and bounds.

4. Health Benefits from Truffle Oil

Aside from making your meals delicious, truffle oil also has numerous health benefits. Typically, truffle oils use a base from heart-healthy oils such as olive oil. It also has lots of different antioxidants that promote heart health, weight loss, regulate blood sugar and even keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Umbria White Truffle Oil

Elevate your everyday dishes with a dash of Umbria White Truffle Oil. The Umbria Tartufi White Truffle Flavored Oil is based on olive oil, dehydrated Bianchetto truffle, and white truffle aroma. The perfect finisher to spruce up your salads, pastas and soup and even elevate your everyday snacks like french fries and toasted bread to the next level.

You can even use it for trendier truffle oil recipes like our delectable Mac and Cheese with a Truffle twist! This Italian artisan product is coloring and preservative free, truly giving you both health and heart.

Truffles might seem like luxury ingredients for most of us cooking at home, but thankfully truffle oil can make that unique gourmet flavor more accessible to our kitchens. Bring your dishes to the next level with a few dashes of magic, and share happy memories with your loved ones while eating your new favorite meals. — (TGM)

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