Poised for Success: How Your Posture Can Affect Your Overall Wellness

Keeping a good posture is more than just sitting and standing straight and keeping our head and shoulders tall. Each of the things that we do daily involves us moving our bodies and positioning them according to what we deem comfortable. Posture has become a subconscious habit that we do every time of the day.

But often times, we pay less attention to how our bodies are positioned. And when this happens, our body parts such as our neck, back, and shoulders start to experience strains and pains.

What happens when you have a bad posture?

When we get into the habit of doing positions that are not good for our body, we may experience significant effects that may hinder us from doing even simple tasks. When pain starts to develop, the difficulty of executing and doing things will also increase.

Aside from the usual back and neck pain, here are the other effects of bad posture:

In addition, bad posture can also limit the free movements that we can do and may not allow us to function at ease.

Importance of good posture

There are more things that good posture does to our body than just correcting our form and improving our physical health. Aside from preventing body pains, good posture also allows us to breathe easily and even digest our food well. Maintaining good posture also helps us keep our balance and improves our flexibility.

How to maintain good posture

There are several ways that we can do to help us prevent adhering to wrong body positions and keep a good posture for our health.

Pay attention to your form

Whether you are sitting down and doing work or standing up and going around doing some tasks, it is important to focus on how your body is positioned. When sitting, whether you are working or simply lounging in your living room, look out for the times you slouch down or hunch your shoulders. When standing, relax your shoulders, keep your core pulled in, and make sure that you balance your weight on both feet. Keep your legs and knees rested as well, and prevent your head from leaning forward.

Develop a posture awareness

Keeping in mind how our bodies should be positioned can help us improve our posture. You may also want to consciously relax your tight muscles from time to time to prevent muscles strains and possible injuries. So take a break after being seated for a long time, stretch out your arms and legs, and even stand up if necessary.

Practice deep breathing

Surprisingly, breathing affects our posture as well. Doing deep breaths can help us develop a physical awareness that can help correct our posture. Try inhaling deeply into your belly and ribcage and exhaling that will draw your shoulders back and downwards.

Aside from these points, posture trainers and correctors are helpful ways to improve our posture.

Meet BackJoy

Maintaining a proper posture is now easy with the help of BackJoy. Meant to help naturally correct your body form, BackJoy is effective and safe to use. This cradle-like seat device improves your posture as you sit and relieves pressure on your neck and chest nerves so you’ll feel better by sitting taller.

In addition, using BackJoy will help you move your pelvis freely even when you’re seated. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy for anyone to bring and use anywhere. BackJoy also fits in different surfaces—soft, hard, car seat, and office chair, making it a reliable partner.

Find the perfect BackJoy for you

BackJoy comes in several types that can suit different needs and types of people.

Paying attention to our posture can be the last thing on our priority list, especially when we face many tasks ahead of us. But giving importance to how we position ourselves and our body will help us gain more health benefits. More than correcting our form, good posture affects many aspects of our lives, which can help us succeed and achieve great things. And with BackJoy, taking care of your body and your posture is now made easy, convenient, and fun. — (TGM)


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