Chocolates for Valentine's Day

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In this article, we discuss the wholesome goodness of Kokoo Hot Chocolate and why it is best shared with the people you love.

Why are chocolates given on Valentine's Day? One can't help but ponder this question at the sight of excited patrons flocking over stores that sell sought-after sweets. Aside from its unassailable appeal to most taste buds, chocolate has a history that's as rich as its flavorful texture.

"When we don't have the words, chocolate can speak volumes." ― Joan Bauer, American Writer

It all started when the Mayans and Aztecs treated chocolate as the food of the gods. During this time, cacao beans were as valuable as gold bars — you can even use them to pay for taxes! Then after conquering this ancient civilization, the Spanish brought cacao to Europe. News about the unique taste and appeal of this valued bean quickly spread across the land. Chocolate soon garnered the reputation of being the most thoughtful gift you can give to express your appreciation to friends, family, and your special someone.

Fast forward to 1837, Valentine's Day became a commercial event where people would give their partners gifts adorned with the design of cupid, the god of desire and affection. Prominent chocolatiers took advantage of this phenomenon by coming up with a process that transformed bitter cacao to a more flavorful form of cacao — a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The byproduct of this process was pure cocoa butter, which was then used to make chocolates that you can eat. And the rest was history.

Today, chocolates are an excellent way of expressing appreciation to the special people in our life. A boxful of these decadences will surely bring a smile to the faces of our doting parents or significant other. But for this Valentine's Day celebration, how about giving something different?

Show your appreciation by giving a box of Kokoo Hot Chocolate from Chek Hup, a prominent and trustworthy brand from Malaysia. Though primarily known for their excellent coffee variants, Chek Hup created Kokoo to delight those who adore the creamy taste of hot chocolate.

To create an exceptional cup, KoKoo Hot Chocolate uses high-grade cocoa grown in the Borneo region. Cacao beans from this island exhibit mellow and delicate flavors that are ideal for drinking. Unlike other products in this space, Chek Hup does not add any artificial cocoa flavoring. The chocolate you'll sip is naturally rich and delightfully mellow. You are assured that every drink that you take from a cup of KoKoo is deliciously natural.

Similar to Chek Hup's coffee offerings, Kokoo comes with creamer and rock sugar that possesses the right amount of sweetness. While other brands rely on an excessive amount of sugar to increase their drinks' appeal, Kokoo uses a perfect balance of rock sugar and creamer to deliver a creamy and subtly sweetened chocolate experience.

If your special someone prefers a more decadent cup, give them the gift of Kokoo with Hazelnut. This variant has a perfect combination of fermented cocoa, creamer, and Chek Hup's special rock sugar. Upon the first sip, they'll notice that the subtle hazelnut flavor perfectly complements the rich chocolate taste.

Regardless of what you choose to give — hazelnut or the original chocolate variant — you're assured of quality and great taste overall. Kokoo's versatility goes beyond its two flavors; you can enjoy it when it is piping hot or ice cold. Once mixed with warm water, this rich molten brew will delight the taste buds of those fortunate enough to take a sip. If the weather calls for something cold to drink, you can dissolve Kokoo in a half cup of warm water, add ice cubes, and give it a gentle stir. Doing so will provide you with a cold chocolate experience that's ideal for sweltering summer.

Taken together, the high-grade cocoa, creamer, and rock sugar produce a full-bodied flavor, smooth, and a well-balanced cup of hot chocolate. So if you deem it fitting to give your special someone a gift that expresses your utmost gratitude, consider handing them the best cup of chocolate that they can enjoy at home or on the go. Much like your love, Kokoo will keep them satisfied for the days to come. — (TGM)

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