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The Importance of Investing in Yourself

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We weave a compelling narrative about what it means to upgrade your choices and why it’s essential to do this sooner rather than later.

Parenthood is a whole different world. We’re faced with long to-do lists, but it’s a ride we most gladly accept when we become parents. We simply love what we do. There’s nothing more gratifying than caring and nurturing your family, which is why they’re always our top priority.

The same goes for career-driven managers. Our work is always at the top of our heads, even outside the office. Sacrifices are (gladly) made for our goals. We spend long hours and late nights meeting deadlines and finishing reports to stay on the hustle, and this is the reality for most Millennials today.

Our busy lives demand us to be proactive in everything we do, to always be on our feet. Staying up late to do chores and work has been part of our daily routine. Living in a fast-paced world made us adjust to the lifestyle of always being preoccupied, sometimes to the point of skipping on sleep or forgetting to eat.

Despite the busy schedules and never-ending chores, always remember that putting your needs first is just as important as any other task. Go ahead and spend a little time for yourself. Before you take care of your kids or your career, you should, first and foremost, take care of yourself.


In everything we do, it’s been a habit of ours to set a standard on our output and work ethics to maintain quality and efficiency. However, there are times when we have to come in late, or we don’t finish our work on time. It’s okay to set standards, but don’t punish yourself for making mistakes. More often than not, the expectations we set for ourselves can be unrealistic. There’s indeed no better way to learn than by pushing yourself harder, but we can’t determine that if we don’t give ourselves room to grow.

We can either be our best critics or our best supporters. Choose to give yourself an extra boost. Celebrate when things go well, but comfort yourself when they don’t. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself credit where credit is due.


Scrolling through your Facebook feed has been a favorite pastime for us, millennials. It’s a source of happiness, information, and connection. However, we could sometimes feel jealous from seeing other people’s milestones and achievements. Don’t be discouraged because we all live our lives at our own pace. What matters most is focusing on what makes you unique and building your lifestyle around it.

It’s unavoidable to feel envy, but there’s always a way to see past it. One way to do it is by channeling your feelings positively and using it as motivation for your growth. You’ll be surprised to see that your emotions have a significant impact on your drive to better yourself consistently. The sooner you change your outlook, the sooner you can start investing in yourself.


Spending a little more time and money for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s a form of self-care that you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting. Much like investing in an appliance or in stocks, it’s not always cheap. It may cost a little more, but in the long run, it will pay off much better than sticking to your old ways.

You are your most valuable asset, and your skills and talents are your most significant source of income. As such, it’s okay to want to nourish yourself. With any other asset, you continue to care and devote your time to making sure that it will give you the biggest return. It shouldn’t be any different for yourself. Proving what you need to grow and learn is the best form of investment you can make. With lifestyle changes, little things go a long way. You can start out with simple habits:

  • Try drinking a glass of water first thing every morning
  • Substitute a usual meal with a healthier option.
  • Practice one skill daily
  • Give yourself a bedtime
  • Finally, always remember that a positive mind attracts positive energy.


The most important part of self-care is rest. It’s tempting to work continuously but reward yourself with short breaks every so often. According to an article published by Ron Friedman on Harvard Business Review, stepping away from work for a brief, 15-minute meditation break helps avoid burnout.

When we say break, we mean clearing off all distractions —phone included.

Turning away from the screen for a few minutes to check on your feed isn’t considered taking a rest. Find time to quiet down and breathe in between work. It will do you wonders.

The thing is, you will never go broke from investing in yourself. Improving the way you live carries no risks or losses — only a better outlook and motivation to focus on yourself and your growth. It pays to fill yourself with self-love until better choices start to become your only options. You deserve no less. — (TGM)

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