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Entering Your 40’s: Three Simple Life Changes to Manage the Aging Process

Key Takeaway

In this article, we list down realistic and straightforward ways to ward off the unpleasant effects of our changing bodies.

Every life stage has its own unique set of challenges — this has never been truer for women like us who are entering our 40's. At this point, most of us strive hard to advance our careers to a position that commands a decent pay grade. At the same time, we are faced with the unique challenge of raising a family with children that should reflect the best of us.

While handling all these responsibilities, significant changes are happening within us. Our bodies become heavier, our hair turns thin, and our skin feels drier. We might feel hot flashes during the day and experience sweating during the night. Our partners may tell us that our moods change more than the usual.

These physical changes are inevitable, but you can ward off these palpable occurrences with a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy diet.


Attaining an active lifestyle need not come with an expensive gym membership or a high tech smartwatch to monitor your caloric intake. Make no mistake: a regular workout regimen is still the best way to achieve physical fitness. But small adjustments to get your body moving can all add up and result to an active day.

Instead of waiting for your Grab driver, why don't you try walking? If the distance isn't more than a kilometer and the weather isn't hot, it is better to jauntily saunter towards your destination. Who knows? You might discover a new independent cafe in your street or an enthralling development in your local community.

Do you find yourself waking up at 5 AM to prepare your child's breakfast and class? Why not devote some time for light stretching, followed by a rigorous 7-minute workout? Apps like 7-Minute workout can compel you to push your body to the limits by sweating it out with quick and calculated movements. When done regularly, this brief workout would not only give you a fitter body, but it jolts you awake and energizes you.

Small adjustments to get your body moving can all add up and result to an active day.


Being in a world where smartphones can do our every bidding, we often scroll through endless feeds and even react on all the exciting life events of our friends. It's actually not a good use of our time. Not only does our constant use of smartphone makes us more anxious, but it can also lead us to feel more isolated than ever. It is easy to misconstrue the photos posted on Instagram as the whole truth, rather than see it as a theater where only desirable events are shown.

Luckily, wellness apps like Headspace and Calm can turn your stress-inducing smartphone to solitude of silence. When you meditate using the application, your notifications are turned off. Then, a calm voice guides you to find your center, breathe deeply, and forgive yourself for thinking about work. By using your smartphone as a tool for wellbeing, you get to protect your mind from unnecessary grief. This adjustment prevents your mood from switching to an undesirable state.


While our love for all fried, stewed, and roasted meats almost equates to a national obsession, swapping to something significantly less sinful is a simple way to live healthily.

With the advent of farm-to-fork restaurants, white rice replacements, and organic options in our supermarkets, healthy food has become delightful to partake. Have you ever experienced the gratifying crunch of fresh zucchini? The unparalleled sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes? The satisfying texture of freshly-made Bulgur? Eating well has never been this good.

If you can't find the time or energy to prepare nutritious meals for yourself, there's a convenient solution. At the Goodwill Market, you can try Bionutra Neufemme — an herbal dietary supplement for the wellness of women.

Eating well has never been this good.


With our busy lifestyles, it is easy to get swept up with the arduous tasks that come from advancing our careers and raising our families. Adding simple changes such as increasing our movement for the day, minding our smartphone usage, eating more healthy food, and taking a supplement such as Bionutra Neufemme can all add up and help us manage the undesirable effects of aging. By helping yourself first, can you only give your best self to others. At the end of the day, that's what matters most. — (TGM)

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