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Part of traveling is getting the first-hand experience of tasting the different dishes that every country offers. It is one of the ways we get to know more about the country and appreciate its heritage and culture. But the health protocols and restrictions imposed due to the pandemic have made it hard for us to travel at ease. And to ensure the safety of our loved ones, it is the best decision to stay indoors with them instead.

But staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of international dishes anymore. Still, it is possible to enjoy the flavors of different countries even in the comforts of your own home, and this is only made possible with The Goodwill Market.

Mediterranean Flavors

Here at The Goodwill Market, we strive to provide you with only the best products out there. We want to show you that having a better lifestyle can be achieved easily. With this in mind, we are here to help you have a culinary experience at ease and even within the bounds of your home.

We have provided you with some of the best products from the Mediterranean part of the world, namely, Turkey, Italy, and Spain. Giving you easy access to products from these countries also makes it easier for you to achieve a great culinary treat and experience.

Duru Bulgur

The discovery of bulgur wheat plays a significant role in shaping Mesopotamian cuisine. Around 4,000 years ago when Bulgur was discovered. As it is healthy and nutritious, the bulgur wheat became a staple food for people who performs laborious tasks.

The bulgur wheat is rich in Vitamin B, has a low glycemic index, is high in fiber, and has complex carbohydrates. Bulgur wheat is processed using stone milling, and until today, Duru Bulgur follows this thorough procedure. Continuing the 4,000 years old tradition of bulgur, Duru Bulgur can serve high-quality and natural bulgur to everyone.

And with Duru Bulgur’s traditional process, anyone will be able to taste the flavors of Turkey until today authentically. In addition, Duru Bulgur is also an excellent rice alternative for those who are health-conscious. Bulgur contains more nutrients than your typical rice grains and is also lower in calories, making it a perfect partner for weight loss.

Keeping its excellence in producing high-quality products, Duru Bulgur has three different varieties available at The Goodwill Market: Coarse Bulgur, Extra Coarse Bulgur, and Fine Bulgur.

  • The Coarse Bulgur is the most common type of Bulgur. This product can be used in meat and vegetable meals, stuffing, and soups.
  • The Extra Coarse Bulgur has bigger grains than the Coarse one and is almost half of the typical wheat grain. It can be used in pilafs, salads and is best used as a substitute for rice.
  • The Fine Bulgur is the most popular type of bulgur in the world. It is typically used in meatballs, salads, and even bread.

Umbria Terra Di Tartufi

One of the things that would come into our minds as soon as we think of Italy is truffles. These edible fungi grow in many parts of Italy and are used by maybe people to cook. One of the famously known made out of truffles is none other than the truffle oil.

Traditionally, truffle oil is made by soaking bits of fresh truffles in good and high-quality olive oil to induce its aromatic flavors. And many people and chefs have preserved this manner of making truffle oil until today.

Unlike any other oil, truffle oil is more of a seasoning oil than cooking oil. It is best used as a finisher for every dish and drizzles it over the food to add more flavors to make any dish enticing.

And to help anyone around the world elevate their home-cooked meals, Umbria Terra Di Tartufi is here with their truffle-made products. This authentic Italian brand offers various truffle products: White Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Sauce, and Original Truffle Sauce. With these products, you won’t run out of ways to sprinkle a taste of Italian flavors into your dishes wherever you are.

The White Truffle Oil is perfect for pasta or dishes with light and fresh flavors to complement its delicate fragrance. On the other hand, Black and Original Truffle Sauce are perfect to pair with meat, pizza, and any dish with strong tastes to match its robust and earthy flavors.

With these three Umbria products, you can make various dishes that your loved ones can enjoy together.


The Spanish cuisine is known to be ornate yet straightforward. Spaniards make good use of their locally-grown crops and incorporate them in every dish that they have. One of their famous crops is tomato which is well-known and widely grown in many parts of Spain. Up until today, tomatoes have played an integral role in Spanish cuisine.

Spain’s abundance of tomatoes has shaped the country’s culinary scene. And today, many people have created ways to enjoy the authentic flavors of Spain as easy as possible.

And waving the Spanish flag, Hida is here to let you experience the flavors of Spain, completing a massive tastebud trip even when you are at home. Hida enables you to taste authentic Spanish flavors through their various bolognese sauces that are ready-made and easy to use.

Hida offers the following: Meat Bolognese Sauce, Chorizo Bolognese Tomato Sauce, Tomato and Tofu Veggie Sauce, and Vegan Bolognese with Seitan Veggies. The Meat Bolognese Sauce is perfect to taste the classic bolognese flavor. The Chorizo Bolognese Tomato Sauce induces authentic Spanish flavors with its top-quality chorizo component.

Giving a variety of choices for all, Hida also offers Tomato and Tofu Veggie Sauce and Vegan Bolognese with Seitan Veggies. Both types are healthier alternatives that make it easier for anyone to commit to having a better lifestyle.

Indeed, it is more fun to travel when it is accompanied by good food. But even within the comfort of your own home, you can still experience and enjoy the different cuisine that every country offers. As we bring premium products close to you and give everyone easy access, we hope we can help you experience traveling through your tastebuds all while being safe with your loved ones. — (TGM)

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