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Better Coffee Breaks: Introducing Chek Hup from Malaysia

Key Takeaway

This premium brand is determined to deliver an impeccable coffee experience anywhere and anytime you want it.

As satisfying as anything else you'll order from a third-wave coffee shop, as convenient as visiting the nearest coffee chain at the nearest mall, and as galvanizing as the jolt you get from the first sip of your morning brew. Yes, Chek Hup Coffee is now available at the Goodwill Market, and it is ready to make a splash right in your mug.

This delicious blend hails from the towering white cliffs of Ipoh, Malaysia, where a coffee enthusiast merged the town's influential coffee culture with a unique and potent ingredient — premium rock sugar. The locals loved how the delicate and opaque crystals of high-quality rock sugar complemented the freshly roasted coffee beans used in their beloved brew.

Through Chek Hup's extensive experience in making beverages that could be instantly prepared, the company discovered the golden ratio of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. By balancing the sweet, soft taste of Arabica and the strong qualities of Robusta, Chek Hup is confident that you get perfectly balanced coffee.

While other coffee brands use white sugar to make their brews taste remotely palatable, Chek Hup Coffee draws from their rich history of supplying exceptional kind of rock sugar. The brand only uses rock sugar that has a low glycemic index, which means you can be a little less guilty about your morning coffee.

The secret is in the sugar.

In the end, what Chek Hup is most proud about in their products is what they leave out of it. True to its founder's passion for excellent coffee, the brand refuses to put any artificial coffee flavorings into any of their products. Only ingredients of the highest purity made their way into a sachet of Chek Hup coffee.

You'll notice it as soon as you pour the contents of a sachet into your steaming mug - the nuanced aroma of fresh coffee and the right blend of sweetness and strength.

While most share a universal love for coffee, each of us has different preferences. Chek Hup has a variant for each and every way you want to enjoy your coffee:

For those who wish to control their sugar intake — 2 in 1 White Coffee. The dark-roasted beans in this blend are smooth to drink and intense to the taste. The premium rock sugar is packed separately, so you can tailor the sweetness to your exact sugar preference.

For those who want it a little less intense — 3 in 1 White Coffee Less Sweet. This coffee is made with medium-roasted beans, so the flavor profile is a bit mellow than its dark-roasted counterparts. This variant also has a little less rock sugar in its mixture, so the sweetness is just right.

For those who want to taste the way the founder wanted it to be — 3 in 1 White Coffee Original. This is the most popular blend of Chek Hup coffee. It isn't hard to see why: medium-roasted beans delivering a subtler flavor profile and premium rock sugar that complements the coffee notes which completes the compelling cup.

For the brave who want a bold cup of coffee to rouse their senses — 3 in 1 White Coffee King. This flavor is named after the highest ruler of the land because it is made with a robust blend of coffee beans hailing from the fertile continents of Africa and Asia. And the result of this favorable union? A coffee of great exceptionality with a rich profile and bold aroma.

In a world where coffee shop chains seemingly permeate every corner, and indie coffee shops astound with their sky-high prices, Chek Hup Coffee is a valiant option to upgrade your morning cup, afternoon breaks, or as your reliable pick-me-up for a late night. This impeccable cup of coffee is a worthy addition to your next adventure. — (TGM)

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