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Trick or Treat: Sugar-free Snacks For a Healthier Halloween

"Trick or treat," as we hear the children exclaim with joy. The most-awaited festival of the month – Halloween, is approaching. And we know that this spookiest day of the year also brings excitement to children as they knock on doors, greet trick or treat to their neighbors, and receive delightful snacks.

Others are as excited as the children during Halloween as they unleash their creativity with the costumes they have personally created. Some will dress as superheroes, while others will act as villains. Nevertheless, it is that time where everyone can interact with other people, stay energized the whole night, and even attend parties that have a best-dressed contest.

As excited as we may all seem, this year's Halloween will be a little different. As we observe health protocols and be responsible citizens, we must remain home. But despite this fact, there are numerous ways to make this annual festival still a fun-filled one.

Even if we are at the comfort of our home, we can still have best-dressed competitions with our friends through video calls, paint some pumpkins for house decorations, and enjoy some thrill with a family movie night. But before anything else, Halloween will not be the same without some snacks. And what better way than to have healthier alternatives that would keep you and your little ones energized the whole night.


Aside from being known to be one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe, Gullón firmly believes in developing healthier food products, thus creating their best-selling line of Sugar-free biscuits. With that, if you are craving these types of snacks (may it be chocolate-covered or not) but want to enjoy indulging guiltlessly, then the Sugar-free products of Gullón are just right for you.


Offering a wide array of biscuits — from vanilla wafers to digestive one — Gullón ensures that they only source high-quality ingredients to provide you better alternatives while satisfying your sweet cravings. And you are probably browsing what biscuits you should be purchasing right now, so here are some of our suggestions that you might want to include in your cart:

Gullón Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit

Gullón Sugar Free Chocolate Wafer

These are the perfect go-to snacks for your family as they are filled with chocolate goodness and whole grain. This means that these biscuits are typically high in nutrients such as iron, magnesium, B vitamins, and dietary fiber. That is why you can enjoy eating these snacks guiltlessly.


But if you want that source of fiber and are looking for products that are suitable for everyone in your household, then we recommend you to try some of Gullón's gluten-free biscuits. It contains high oleic sunflower oil, which is good for heart health. More so, this line of products are egg-free, lactose-free, milk protein-free, and nut-free. We then highly suggest you stock up your snack pantry with some:

Gullón Gluten Free Dark Chip Choco

Gullón Gluten Free Dibus Sharkies

The little ones will surely enjoy some of these chocolate chip cookies and shark-shaped biscuits during Halloween as you dip these Gullón snacks in warm milk for your midnight family snack.


And for all those parents out there, you may want to try Gullón's Vitalday products. This line is made with crunchy and delicious wholegrain biscuits, added with cereals and berries. Thus, enjoying these high in fiber and flavorful snacks:

Vitalday Breakfast Chococrunch

Vitalday Mixed Berry

These two products are also our personal favorites, especially that our mornings are getting busier, yet we want to stay healthy while keeping that on-the-go spirit soaring.

But before anything else, don't forget to drink NutriBrownRice throughout the day. This way, you get to be unstoppable and energized as you keep your children company. And NutriBrownRice is just what you might be looking for since Filipinos are known to love having rice in almost all of their meals.


This Malaysian brand also strives to produce healthy whole grain products sourced from the tropical paddy fields of Northern Malaysia. And even if NutriBrownRice ensures only to use quality ingredients, they still aim to provide a yet affordable instant beverage for all.

Now, as you decorate your house with Halloween decorations, remember to take a few minutes to re-energize with NutriBrownRice® (Honey). It is formulated with wild floral honey, boosting your immune system naturally. Thus, creating that fun-filled Halloween experience. Here are some brown rice benefits that we think you should know of:

  • A rich source of dietary fiber
  • Contains high levels of magnesium
  • Keeps your heart healthy
  • Helps in improving the digestive system
  • Aids in lowering cholesterol

Despite Halloween being a little different this year, this most-awaited festival is still achievable with Gullón and NutriBrownRice. Your whole family will definitely enjoy every bite and sip of these products with no guilt and more smiles. That is why now is the time for you to elevate your family's well-being and create a much healthier environment with a simple switch to better alternatives. After all, seeing your family thrive, be healthy, and most importantly, happy is worth everything. — (TGM)

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