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Work at Your Best with These Work-From-Home Essentials

Many of us found ourselves adjusting routines within our home as the new living conditions brought by the pandemic rolled in. One of which is working remotely and working from home instead. And surprisingly, working from home has caused a lot of convenience to many people, all while still making it possible to work even at a distance.

But while working from home does have a lot of conveniences, it also has disadvantages that we have to be aware of. Being at home brings us a great sense of comfort, and developing great focus not to be swayed away from your work can be a challenge.

While remote working can be flexible in many ways, it can also risk and lower your productivity. There are also plenty of distractions compared to a typical office setup where everyone’s working and busy instead.

But while these things can cause hindrances to you, you can also work your way through them and make working from home be favorable for and effective for you.

With that, we are here to share three points to keep in mind that can help you improve your productivity and work at your best at home.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Often, we underestimate how staying hydrated is vital to keep our productivity in check. We get engrossed in our tasks that we forget to provide our bodies with the water content to function correctly.

Dehydration can cause headaches, affect your memory, and reduce your productivity. Experiencing symptoms of dehydration can have a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being. And dehydration can strike anywhere, whether you are at the office or even working at home.

To prevent yourself from experiencing dehydration, we suggest keeping a water bottle on her desk that is good for all-day hydration, just like Hydro Flask. Its 21 oz and 32 oz bottles are both perfect for keeping you hydrated throughout the day. It also has a TempShield Technology that helps keep your drinks cold for a whole day and hot within 12 hours, depending on how you like to keep your beverage.

In addition, Hydro Flask is easy to carry around. If you wish to work in a different place in your home for a change of scenery, you can bring your Hydro Flask bottle along with your stuff without the hassle. Or, if it’s time to stand away from your desk and take your lunch break, you can easily carry your Hydro Flask bottle and bring it with you wherever you go.

Keeping a water bottle within your workspace should help you track your water intake and keep you hydrated so you can function at your best.

Prevent back pain by sitting in the correct form.

When we are swamped with work, we tend not to leave our desks and continue attending to our tasks instead. But sitting for prolonged hours can give your back muscles a lot of pressure that can cause back pain. In addition, caring and looking after our posture is the last thing we think of when faced with urgent tasks instead. Overlooking this specific factor would put us at risk of developing chronic pain and severe back problem.

To help you relieve any back pain and correct your sitting posture while you work, BackJoy is here to be your partner. It is a sitting device that helps reduce pressure on the back and prevent further back damage or pain. It is portable and can be used anywhere, making it a great tool to have with you while you work.

Whether you choose to stay in your working station or decide to work on your dining area for a change, BackJoy can help you sit in a corrected posture without any risks of having back pain.

Power through the day with a cup of good coffee.

There can be times when it is hard to keep your focus when you’re working. And at times like this, we usually call for coffee to help us feel awake. And to help you conquer each day at your best and feel good at the same time, Granell is here for you.

Made of 100% Arabicas, a cup of Granell coffee will surely help you keep the attention you need to finish your tasks. Caffeine has a lot of effects on our productivity. In addition, drinking coffee helps improve our alertness which can help us keep our products while working.

Tick off the tasks on your to-do list one by one, all while being accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

While we enjoy the many advantages of remote working, we should also consider the disadvantages that can affect us and our health. And as we make the most of the convenience of being at home, we should learn how to draw the boundaries of our personal time and working hours. Doing so will keep our overall well-being healthy, and it can make remote and working from home something fun and enjoyable to do every day. — (TGM)

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