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We describe the benefits of getting into the right mindset for productivity and how you can invoke this frame of mind at will with the help of coffee.

You know that feeling: you’re hunched over your desk, typing away on your computer, the screen gently illuminates your face, and a cup of coffee within reach. At that point, the only thing that matters is getting your work done.

For a graphic designer, this is where the pen forms the right shapes, connects with the appropriate elements and results in a cohesive design that’s one of a kind. For writers, this phenomenon is when words flow effortlessly from their minds and into the paper that forms a compelling narrative. For office managers, this is when you tick all the boxes of your checklist with minutes to spare. For the students whose tests are twenty-four hours away, this is when the brief points of lectures, books, and handwritten notes seemingly make their way into their minds.

This desired state is called flow, and we experience it when we do our best work.

When you’re in this state of mind, time melts away, and you feel that a minute just passed by (when in reality it has been hours). While you’re in this zone, you are doing something challenging and, at the same time, working effortlessly to solve that challenge.

Because we get a lot of work done when we are in this state, it is no surprise that people want to know the secret to unlocking peak mental performance. While everyone has different work habits, here are four steps to get you started.


There’s such a thing as productive procrastination. Before you start on a long work session, begin with something easy to do. Then, build momentum from there. A popular Twitter user once said, “My favorite part of the writing process is cleaning the apartment.” While her process starts with scrubbing the floor, yours may be finishing minor errands, washing the dishes, or baking some delicious banana bread. After you are sufficiently motivated with crossing off the easy things on your to do list, then you can continue with more demanding obligations.


Nothing beats the feeling of finishing an arduous task that’s taken a lot of effort to do. Like the proverbial protagonist in a role-playing game, you level up and increase your capacity for solving more challenging tasks. And every time you improve, you get more motivated. If you want to get into the zone, make sure that you’re working on something fun, exciting, and challenging. And if you are invested in the outcome of the task at hand, the boost you’ll get from accomplishing that will yield dividends.


The positive effect of exercise is no secret. Thirty minutes of cardio five times a week will not only add six more years to your life. This healthy habit will help you lose weight, sleep better, and lower your blood pressure. Most importantly, going on a run enables you to improve your memory and thinking skills. According to research undertaken at the University of British Columbia, regular aerobic exercise — running is chief among them — boosts the size of the hippocampus. This is the part of your brain that handles your memory and learning functions.


Coffee plays a pivotal role in everyone’s working process. It is served at breakfast as a strong start to your day, and it is drunk after lunch with colleagues. And perhaps even enjoyed over dinner with friends as an intoxicating brew to invigorate the imagination.

There’s something about the gentle stimulation of coffee that puts people in the zone to do their best work.

When you’re getting ready to be productive, you need a cup of coffee that’s right in the center of what they call the “goldilocks zone.” This is when your drink is not too strong to overstimulate you and not too weak to keep you wanting for more. That’s why we recommend an invigorating cup of Chek Hup Coffee Brown. Blended with the golden ratio of Arabica and Robusta beans, the unmistakable smoothness of white coffee gives you a pleasant energy boost in an instant.

As you can tell from its name, this variant comes with fine brown sugar and a delightfully light caramel flavor that makes every sip worthwhile. Every ingredient in this vivifying mixture is at its most natural, so you can drink it without guilt.

On occasions that required you to be at your best mental state, remember to build momentum by accomplishing minor tasks before going on to more difficult challenges. Then when you have the time, consider going on a sprightly jog to keep your mind awake and alert. And while you’re doing the task at hand, keep a cup of Chek Hup Coffee Brown within reach. — (TGM)

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