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Pre and Post-Workout Rituals To Maintain Your Exercise Glow

Key Takeaway

In this article, we share some pleasant tips and tricks that one can do before and after workouts so the body can reap the benefits even more.

Pulling yourself up to get a workout done can sometimes feel like a chore. It's either you are not in the mood, or you feel like it's too early to get in the right headspace, or maybe you feel worn out already after a long day of work, and it seems impossible to squeeze in a workout anymore.

Certainly, everyone can feel for each other on this.

A simple way you can keep yourself motivated even through a day wherein you feel too sluggish to get a workout done is by maintaining pre and post-workout practices that will help you stay on course with your fitness routine and keep your exercise glow for the long run.

Practicing both pre and post-workout routines is beneficial to help you keep up with your fitness game. It provides you the energy boost you need and enables you to prepare, replenish, and refresh your mind and body before and after you break a sweat in your workout.

Here are some practices that you can include in your pre and post-workout routine rituals to keep you motivated.

1. Warm up with a 5-minute stretch

Incorporating stretching into your pre-workout routine will help prepare your mind and body for your workout. Doing this will help in reducing muscle tension and make your body feel relaxed. Stretching out will also increase your range of motion and help you be more flexible, reducing the risk of injury and muscle strains you get from exercising.

Allocating a short period of 5 minutes for stretching is enough to warm up your body and prepare yourself for your workout. It is also helpful to add the same amount of stretching time after your workout to cool down your body and stabilize your heart rate. Squeezing this in for your post-workout routine will also help lessen muscle soreness after an exercise.

2. Take energy-boosting supplements

Most people tend to overlook the significance of taking supplements before and after a workout. Taking a pre-workout supplement will provide you the power you need to keep a high-level performance through your exercise. While having a post-workout supplement will help you replenish and refuel your energy after breaking a sweat with your workout.

You can take an energy drink like NutriBrownRice as your pre-workout supplement or drink to boost and sustain your power as you get through your workout. For your post-workout supplement, you can take immunity-boosting vitamins like Bewell C Zinc Protect to recharge your energy to help your body recover from your workout. It also provides you the protection you need to keep yourself healthy.

3. Take a shower to recover

Finish off your post-workout routine by taking a shower to help your body and muscles relax and recover after exerting them through your workout.

Hitting the shower after an exercise does not only wash the sweat off the body but also massages your muscles to prevent them from getting sore the day after. Showering heightens your body's ability to recover, get back, and be ready for your next workout session.

You can maximize your post-workout shower relaxation by using NaFlora Protect Feminine Hygiene Wash to ensure that all parts of your body are protected and well taken care of all the time.

Though we may sometimes find ourselves feeling sluggish when it comes to keeping up with our exercise routine, it is important to find means to keep ourselves driven. Having the habit of maintaining pre and post-workout rituals will also help you keep your exercise glow which also serves as a motivation to strive harder and keep going until you get the benefits and results of your hard work. — (TGM)

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