The Art of Gift Giving

Key Takeaway

There is always something special about giving and receiving gifts that will make your eyes twinkle.

This warm and fuzzy feeling of unboxing a mystery item never fails to make people feel important. It serves as a tangible reminder of your care and concern for the important people in your life.

This Christmas, let's take this positive feeling even further by getting a good list of products that will show your gratitude for your loved ones. In picking these items, here are some helpful tips to remember:


One of the best things about receiving a gift is the thought that comes with it. When you choose a gift for someone, take the extra mile by understanding the person's preferences and choosing according to his/her lifestyle. Often, with our limited time and limited budget, it is an easy trap to pick something generic, especially if you are giving gifts to a group of people.

Opting for a standard group gift should not be as basic. You can still personalize by choosing a variant that best fits your receiver's personality. For example, if you are giving a food item, it would be helpful to ask yourself:

  • Is there a product that he/she particularly likes?
  • What kind of diet does he/she follow?
  • Is there an item that can best symbolize this person?
  • Which flavor would he/she like?

With this extra step, you can save time without sacrificing the thought that your gift symbolizes. You can also add a short note on why you think this item will be perfect for that person and why this item is ideal for them.


In the age of minimalism and sustainability, it would be good to ask yourself, will this bring value to the receiver? Will this spark joy, or will it add to the clutter? With this in mind, one good idea would be to choose something practical, useful, or consumable.

Instead of picking a different item that is only cute, funny, or interesting in the first fifteen minutes, it would be wiser to choose an item that you know they'll appreciate for a long time.

Perhaps you can give a refill of a product that they already use or an item that they've wanted to have. You can also choose items that they can consume, instead of something that will just be displayed or worse, added to a pile of random knick-knacks.


With a plethora of options available from both physical and online stores, it is tempting to pick the most popular, accessible, and convenient options. But why don't you use this opportunity to #choosebetter products?

  • If you are choosing items such as clothes, shoes, or other wearable items, choose the one with the best quality that is durable and practical.
  • If you are gifting a coupon for pampering service, choose a shop that offers an excellent customer experience.
  • If picking a food item, opt for choices that are healthier, delicious, and different from their usual picks.


Why compromise when you can give something personal, useful, and better than current offerings? NutriBrownRice® is a unique healthy brown rice based drink that comes from the fertile paddy fields of Northern Malaysia. Since it comes in many exciting variants — Honey, Chocolate, Oat with Soy Lecithin, Original, and No Sugar Added — you can personalize your gift based on what your loved ones prefer.

Also, a cup of NutriBrownRice® in the morning can be easily prepared and it gives you the energy to do your tasks well since it is considered as an energy drink. Because of these characteristics, NutriBrownRice® is a better choice that'll signal your care and concern for your loved ones. Your loved ones would definitely be surprised with the delicious taste and the good effects to their health!

NutriBrownRice® is famous among busy people who do not have their meals on time and suffer from gastric pain. The prebiotic in NutriBrownRice® is clinically proven to improve gut health.

In this season of gift-giving, remember that you can make your effort extra special by opting for gifts with better thoughts and love. This thoughtfulness will definitely bring a warm fuzzy feeling and leave a smile on someone's face, and a comfortable tummy! — (TGM)

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