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The Art of Altruism: Giving Gifts As a Form of Self-Care

Key Takeaway

ven just by simply helping those around us or gifting small presents, as long as we genuinely do these, this can help us achieve the self-care we deserve.

One of the best things we can do is to take good care of ourselves and ensure that we are always healthy. Though others would say this is very common, self-care is one thing we tend to brush off, especially when placed in hectic or challenging situations. But we have to keep in mind that looking after our own good is essential, even if it can feel like it is hard to prioritize our needs on top of our responsibilities.

Why is self-care beneficial for you?

When certain situations come our way, it can be more challenging to process and handle them when we are physically, emotionally, and even mentally exhausted. But when we feel the best in terms of our overall health, we are more likely to be resilient and be able to tackle different sorts of stress that life can bring us. With that, here are some of the benefits of self-care that we can achieve:

1. Boosts Physical Health

When we pamper ourselves, this allows us to feel good and also helps trigger our relaxation response. This is in contrast to the fight-or-flight response that many of us know. Whenever the relaxation response is on, our physical state goes into a deep rest that helps change our reactions to any problematic situation. This helps us prevent experiencing chronic stress that can harm our overall health.

2. Improves Emotional Health

Self-care allows us to be more aware and in tune with ourselves. And when we are mindful of our feelings, this helps us recognize patterns in our emotions. When we have a sense of self-awareness, it also lets us identify our own needs and what necessary actions we can do to improve our overall wellness. And in addition, when we take care of our body and health, this makes us feel good about everything that we have in life.

3. Allows you to care for others

Self-care is more than just looking after our needs. It also affects how we bond, communicate and treat others. It allows us to have a positive mindset that eventually translates to good feelings for those around us.

And just as we said, self-care isn’t just about ourselves. It is about everyone whom we interact and spend time with. Taking care and being generous to others can be a form of self-pampering that can also help improve our emotional and mental health.

The beauty of altruism and gift-giving

Altruism is the act of showing concern and helping others through your own desire to show generosity to them. From simply holding out the door for someone or even gifting presents, any action of giving something to others is considered altruism.

Gift-giving does not only provide a better experience to the receiver but also for the giver. Giving to the people around us evokes positive emotions, improves physical health, and decreases feelings of stress. In addition, our body releases what we call the happiness trifecta, which is made up of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. The happiness trifecta makes us feel fuzzy, happy, and good. So when you provide gifts, you are not only making them feel good, but you are also rewarding yourself in return.

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Even as simple as taking care of ourselves can sometimes feel a lot to us, especially if we don’t know where to begin. But more than just attending and providing what we need, we can also point our attention towards others to help build our self-care routine and make us feel good about life. Even just by simply helping those around us or gifting small presents, as long as we genuinely do these, this can help us take a step towards achieving the self-care we deserve. — (TGM)

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