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Healing From The Past And Starting Anew

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In this article, we share a guide on how readers can heal internal wounds from the past year and how they can begin walking the path to a brand new start.

The trials we face are only brief encounters that we can overcome. And once enough time for recovery has passed, it is time to move forward wiser and stronger than we've ever been.

It would be understated to say 2020 was a whirlwind of a year. What started as a couple of weeks of community quarantine to curb the spread of the virus became months spent in our homes, and the world reaching a significant overhaul of the life it knew.

Though being miles and houses apart, we somehow found comfort in this rare shared experience.

Countless donation drives and charitable work initiated by authorities and civilians alike swept the digital sphere. All the while, thousands of hopeful messages bounced back and forth between strangers belonging to different communities. Despite everything that was happening, of the sweeping changes that were continuing to unfold, compassion, and altruism flourished.

This is not to say, however, that the days we lived weren't difficult. If at all, it was the kindness that stayed that helped to soften the strain we endured. But along the many challenges COVID-19 brought, it also shared tough lessons and experiences that certainly left their mark in the spaces of our memory.

However, recognizing these priceless life lessons involves sorting them out from our stock of disheartening losses and breakdowns.

Now is the time for reflection

There is something to gain in every loss, but it takes inexplicable courage to see and acknowledge their value. Taking the time to recall and sit in the quiet recollection of the events we've witnessed can accord us enlightenment and a wiser perspective.

No one would be eager to relive painful episodes. But it's also essential to find peace with how your year played out. Replaying memories while detaching yourself from the emotions they carry, makes it easier to forgive yourself and others. Therefore, giving you the chance to let go, move on, and start anew.

Here are a few ways you can start healing from the past and emerging this year with a lighter load on your shoulders and spaces to fill with new opportunities.

Make an inventory of memories

Somehow, it seems welded in human nature to remember negative experiences more vividly than the good. And as time goes by, when memories start to fade away, it may come to a point when only these unwanted echoes remain. Sometimes it only takes a small fraction to spoil the whole. But there is still a way to shift the tide, and it starts with taking control of how we remember our memories.

Create a written record of all the events that affected you in some way. List down all the unpleasant times and delightful moments and even the small wins. See how many good memories hold up against the bad ones. Recognize the lightness that stayed even in the toughest of times.

Only keep what's easy to carry

Once you've gone over your memories, only keep the ones that won't be a heavy burden on your next journey. Focus on the inspiring moments and recall how these instances gave you hope. These will serve as your bottomless fuel. Find a way to remind yourself from time to time. Write them in a journal for posterity, make notes to stick on your personal space, or have photos and items that remind you of your triumphs.

Seek additional support when needed

There is no one correct way to heal. People cope and move on in different ways, and for some, it may even take longer. Having the right company by your side, however, can prove to hasten the process of healing. Don't be afraid to lean in on your support system. Share your fears and doubts and trust that with their help, you will manage better. Letting the worries that fill your thoughts escape out into the open only allows you to face your anxieties and begin the whole process of healing and moving on.

Heal inside and out

The healing process doesn't only account for mending the internal wounds we are feeling but also finding a way to rehabilitate our exhausted bodies. This year, taking care of your overall health should be your number one priority to strengthen your barrier against illnesses.

You may consider taking wholesome supplements and vitamins alongside your meals for extra support. NeuCell is an herbal dietary supplement infused with rich antioxidants from Coriolus Versicolor mushroom extract suited for your daily immune boost. Meanwhile, Bewell's Vitasteen wields Mangosteen powder's antioxidant properties to protect you from free radicals that cause diseases.

But for those requiring a more robust help for acute and chronic wounds, B. Braun's Prontosan Wound Gel and Wound Gel X can be relied upon for efficient wound cleaning that prevents infection and reduces healing time.

There are some painful experiences that not even words can begin to describe. But as long as you continue moving forward and patching things up at your own pace, you can rest assured that in time you will heal. The saddest of moments can bring forth truths that may be difficult to bear, but face them you must to grow wiser and more resilient on the path ahead. — (TGM)

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