Making New Holiday Traditions Amidst COVID-19

Key Takeaway

In this article, we talk about the new traditions that our readers may need to adopt for a joyous Christmas season despite being apart from loved ones.

Christmas is just around the corner. And while we can't wait to experience all the seasonal bliss once more, with our much-deserved holiday festivities and family reunions, there remains a shadow as the weeks close in.

Will it be safe enough to visit our family members? Can we still expect merrymaking and karaoke? Or will it be a far semblance of the holiday we knew?

It's no secret that celebrations can be a little different this year but this doesn't mean the yuletide magic has to be completely gone. Making new holiday traditions can still redeem Christmas under COVID-19, all while maintaining the safety of our loved ones. Here are some ways to keep the familiar warmth of December.

Greeting cards and Secret Santa mail?

The season's merry tidings have a hold over us. Whether it's the iconic Kris Kringle or Secret Santa, it takes little to no persuasion at all for us to participate. Call it mandatory for the season of giving, but perhaps our willingness rings of the undeniable reason that we simply appreciate receiving gifts and knowing someone is looking out for us.

Luckily, we can still keep this custom alive even though we're apart. The past decade may have had us convert to e-cards and instant messaging apps for convenience purposes. But why not take a step back and restore the personal touch of mailing holiday cards? Take up a pen and write down your heartfelt greetings while throwing in a small trinket for a pleasant surprise.

We'll keep the smiling faces of our dearest friends and family —pixelated and delayed as they may appear.

Reconnect through digital Noche Buena

Attending the anticipated midnight mass and relishing the Noche Buena feast that comes after are the trademarks of a real Filipino Christmas. Nothing gets better than being surrounded by our closest family while dining on the morsels of glazed ham, red queso de bola, and sweet fruit cake.

However, with the pandemic in its early recovery stage we may have to hold off on these practices at least for 2020. For several months, we've submerged into the online space completely. By now, we can officially call ourselves true digital natives. Surely this new expertise can help us take full advantage of online platforms come Christmas dinner. Join in the incoming trend of propped up mobile devices on the dining table displaying the faces of your dearest relatives.

Find thoughtful presents for their health

The lack of physical togetherness may oblige us to step up our game in gift-giving. But this doesn't mean to go all out and splurge on our savings. Valuable items that will add to the benefit of our loved one's health and well-being could suffice as charming gifts.

For our parents and grandparents, at least, perhaps we can give them a better Christmas season without the joint pains that sap the fun out of everyday activities. You can check out Recogen's premium collagen with calcium supplement that helps relieve the common symptoms of aging, such as aches and weaker bones.

With this thoughtful gift, they will be reminded how loved and cared for they are and they’ll be ready to spend many more happy memories with the family.

Shop and deliver your gifts with TGM

Find it more comfortable to cope in this upcoming season with a platform that cares. You can trust the Goodwill Market to deliver holiday cheer straight to your homes.

Shop from our collection of essential items handpicked just for you. We aim to spark joy in every purchase, from soothing skincare, sugar-free snack options to instant gourmet coffee blends. You can also rely on us to deliver your personal gifts. Just give us the details of the recipient, and we'll take care of the rest.

If there's one thing that we've learned over the recent months, it's that nothing is truly set in stone. Timeless traditions could easily be compromised at a snap of a finger, but it's never a cause for despair. We'll always learn to find comfort in new spaces. — (TGM)

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