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Finding Your Rhythm Between Your Day Job and Passion Project

There is no greater feeling in the world than finally managing both our work and life at ease. With both worlds and demands on our hands, most of us have come to adhere to a specific routine. We allot our weekdays solely for our day job while our weekends go straight for other things. These things could be doing errands, spending time with loved ones, and even resting.

But we have to admit that finding this rhythmic balance between working and living our lives is not easy to achieve. Most of us have probably failed trying multiple practices that didn’t fit our liking and our lifestyle. And with the struggle that comes with living a balanced work and life routine, it may have dawned to most of us that attending to hobbies outside of this cycle may seem impossible already.

Indeed, this may be true for other people. However, it is possible to jive your day job, and your passion works together. To an extent, both of them may fuel each other that will make you perform at your best on both.

If you feel lost about finding that balance between your work, life, and passion projects, here are some tips to help you start on it!

Start small

Most of the time, the thought of “too much” commitment overwhelms us as soon as we decide to start a passion project. However, we have to remember that we don’t have to figure everything out when working on something. The key to finding your way of navigating through both worlds is by starting small.

Leave the idea that you have to start big to make your hard work pay off. What will make things worth it is your consistency and diligence instead. As long as you keep the mindset of being persistent, you can achieve your goals, both at work and your other projects, and make your sacrifices pay off sooner or later.

Separate your work from your projects

Separating your respective tasks from one another is essential to allow you to manage your time and energy. Doing so will also help you focus on specific tasks without confusing them from each other.

Allow your weekdays and rightful working hours to be for your day job solely. If you can, squeeze in at least fifteen minutes in the evening to attend to your other projects. But to properly manage your energy, we recommend allotting your weekends for them instead.

To ensure that you always have ample energy to attend to different tasks, fuel your body each day with Berocca. Taking a glass in the morning is enough to give you that energy boost and mental sharpness to help you get through the day without feeling sluggish. We suggest taking your glass of Berocca alongside your breakfast meal to maximize the benefits it has for you.

Take it easy

While it is good to be passionate and productive both at our day job and side projects, it is also vital to put ourselves in necessary rest times. When we get into the constant routine of continuously working, we may leave our own needs unattended. When we take a break, we get to restore our creativity and productivity fully.

One way you can achieve the rest that you need is by doing the things that make you feel good, like binge-watching a series, reading a book, or simply taking care of your well-being.

And while you spend the time doing what makes you feel delighted, try using Bepanthen Sensidaily to achieve your self-care regimen. Bepanthen helps moisturize your skin and relieves it from being sensitive and dry. It also has a derma defense formula that leaves long-lasting hydration for your skin.

Another way is by getting yourself to do something active. Squeeze in a bit of cardio or a workout routine on your rest day to help you clear your mind. And to avoid yourself from experiencing any joint paints, make sure to take Recogen. It has Bioactive Collagen Peptides that supplies the daily collagen need of your body. It also helps repair connective tissues and even aid in muscle recovery, making for a perfect partner for your physical activities.

Give it time

Nothing is easy at the beginning. We learn and try to fit ourselves in at the start of every journey that we take on. And just like how you let yourself take the time to find the balance between your work and your life in general, give yourself the time you need to find your rhythm in doing your passion projects.

Allow yourself to take time and keep in mind that slow progress is still progress. As long as you’re consistent with your practices and routine, you’ll see your hard work paying off eventually.

The thought of simultaneously doing several things can be overwhelming at first. And when we get the hang of our workflow and routine, we might catch ourselves getting afraid of taking on new projects for ourselves. However, starting small is always the key. We don't have to spread ourselves too thin to work on what we genuinely love doing. And more so, we can jive it and make it work together with our day job and achieve great things at both worlds. — (TGM)

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