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Experience the Bulgur Difference: Your Healthy Rice Alternative

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Learn how you can find the best rice alternative and make it easy to maintain good health with the help of Duru Bulgur.

Learn how you can find the best rice alternative and make it easy to maintain good health with the help of Duru Bulgur.

Whether it is for health reasons or simply spicing up your meals, there’s a wide variety of rice alternatives that you can choose from. There are quinoas, lentils, barley, and many more that can suffice your needs. But if you are looking for the finest for your health and taste buds, Bulgur is your best choice!

What is a Bulgur?

Bulgur is a healthy food made from cracked wheat grains. It contains vitamins, minerals, high fiber, and protein-packed within its chewy texture. It is commonly featured in Middle Eastern cuisines, elevating tasty dishes to another level.

What are the benefits of Bulgur as a rice substitute?

1. Rich in nutrients that your body needs.

Bulgur is a whole superfood in itself containing manganese, magnesium, iron, high fiber, vitamin B, and protein among others. It stands to reason that it is considered one of, if not the best rice alternatives in the market. Imagine all that nutrition in your every meal!

2. Low on carbs!

For those on a strict diet or a weight loss journey, Bulgur solves your grain issues! It is a healthy carb alternative that, unlike your regular white or brown rice, does not need to be strictly consumed. In fact, people consider bulgur as one of the lowest-carb whole grains, ensuring that your body stores less excess energy.

3. Takes a few minutes to cook and prepare.

Bulgur is quicker to cook than rice. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, unlike brown rice which can take up to an hour. This is perfect for when you need to make a quick yet healthy meal before a busy day!

4. Has a mild flavor that goes well with any dish.

The general misconception is that eating healthy means compromising your palate, but Bulgur proves that wrong! With its mild nutty flavor and chewy texture, Bulgur complements any dish, making for an exciting and enjoyable dining experience.

5. A cost-efficient alternative.

Bulgur is one of, if not the, most affordable rice alternatives available in the market. Unlike other substitutes that are much more costly, Bulgur crams all its health benefits to the benefit of your wallet!

How to prepare a Bulgur?

Just like your regular white or brown rice, Bulgur only requires rehydration and boiling to be fully prepped. Boil 1 1/2 cups of water in a saucepan, and simply add 1 cup of rinsed bulgur once boiling.

The time it takes to boil bulgur depends on how you like it. If you want a fine texture, boil it for at least 10 minutes. If you prefer a coarser texture, 15 minutes will do the trick. You can add salt to enhance the natural taste and some olive oil to maximize the earthy flavor and aroma.

And there it is, you have your healthy carb alternative to go!

Duru Bulgur, the superfood for you

True to its brand “Duru” which means “pure and clean,” Duru Bulgur gives you a healthy rice alternative that helps promote your gut health. Its nutrient-rich and delicious super grains will guarantee a better diet and a better taste so you won’t miss your old rice grains.

Duru Bulgur comes in coarse, fine, and extra coarse grains so you won’t have to fuss about the cooking!

Get that healthy lifestyle without much compromise and get Duru Bulgur now! You can get the texture of your choosing in a bundle of 2 500g packs whether it be coarse, extra coarse, or fine.

Making healthier choices is difficult considering the variety of alternatives available in the market and the necessary workload needed to find the right fit for your diet. That’s why here at The Goodwill Market, we provide you with tips and information that will bypass that issue. We believe that your health concerns should not worry you too much. — (TGM)

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