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Snacktime Favorites From Your Childhood

We all had our own favorite snacks when we were growing up. A lot of those were the popular ones that our mother would usually get at the stores. But as time changes and we grow older, our preferences in things have also changed. It has probably been a long time since you encountered your favorite snacks when you were a kid.

However, TGM has some products that may bring you to a short trip down memory lane. You might feel a little nostalgic about having these snacks. In addition, you can also introduce these products to your own kids and tell them stories from your childhood that will fascinate them.

Maria Biscuits

These crackers are known differently in different parts of the world. It is regarded as “Maria” biscuits in Western countries, while in Asian countries, it’s called “Marie” biscuits. But whichever name you knew when you were growing up, the Maria or Marie crackers were popularly known as toddler snacks back in time. Parents loved giving these to their kids as the crackers are thin and easy to munch on for their growing babies.

The old and traditional biscuits are round in shape with intricate designs and often have their name embossed on the top surface of the cracker. This made it popular among kids as it was easy for them to remember and recognize the snack.

The Maria or Marie crackers are light and milky in taste, making for an excellent snack for growing toddlers. Many dieticians also recommend it as a snack alternative for those who are conscious about their calorie intake.

With this, you can quickly revisit your childhood memories with Gullón’s very own Maria Biscuits. Recall the times where you enjoyed an afternoon snack time after playing around with your playmates and enjoying your Maria crackers as you took a break.

And to make it even better, Gullón’s Maria Biscuits are sugar-free, and this makes for a healthy alternative snack that you and your kids can enjoy anytime. You can easily recommend the Maria Biscuits to any of your loved ones going through a fitness journey, and it makes for a great and guilt-free snack option that they can have without compromising their fitness game.

Hot Chocolate

Growing up, you might be fond of sweets just like any other kid. While your parents sip a warm coffee in the morning, you probably had a cup of hot chocolate instead. You might have also mimicked the elders as they loudly sip and let out a sigh of relief after.

And if we go a little further back in time, you might have encountered and experienced drinking “batirol.” It is a hot chocolate made from blocks of cocoa beans that is mixed in silver pots using the wooden tool called “batirol.” It is the most traditional way of drinking hot chocolate in the country. Not only was it popular among kids, but even adults enjoyed having chocolate drinks made this way.

But over time, the means of making and drinking hot chocolate became easier. Today, you can easily purchase packed powdered drinks that only require you to add hot water, just like Chek Hup’s Kokoo Chocolate drink. It may be far from the traditional chocolate drinks, but you can still have a taste of the past and relive moments of your childhood through every sip of Chek Hup Kokoo.

Chek Hup’s Kokoo Chocolate drink has a naturally creamy and sweet taste with its fermented cacao, creamer, and rock sugar. It also has a low GI or low glycemic sugar that balances your blood sugar level. The cacao ingredient of every chocolate drink has antioxidants that help lower the risks of having critical health problems.

In addition, Chek Hup’s Kokoo Chocolate drink also comes in a Hazelnut variety. Its classic and rich chocolatey taste is complemented by a sweet hazelnut flavor that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

While you make a short trip down the memory lane with these nostalgic products, bring your family with you and spend some time enjoying Gullón and Chek Hup as well. Your stories from the past will surely be something that your kids will find interesting to learn about. Not only that, they might pick up a lesson or two from those that could help them grow and be a kind person just like their parents. — (TGM)

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