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Setting Precautions for a Healthy Home

Key Takeaway

In this article, we share how households can set precautionary measures to maintain the family’s wellness in the post-lockdown period.

Let’s prepare our homes for the new normal with a few safety reminders.

After months of staying in, we are now faced with the hope of opening our doors once more.

Spending our time at home was not as easy as expected. All at once, we had to find a new structure in the days that melded both our places of work and sweet repose.

Now that society is slowly easing in to its rhythm, we are all hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Our next steps will be a slow and steady transition into the new life that waits ahead of us outside. We all want to remain safe. So before you step out of the confines of your homes, here are just a few suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Maintain proper hygiene and social distance

Proper hand washing and social distancing will remain as our natural safeguards against the virus.

As we prepare to head outside, we must maintain our first line of defense: proper hygiene. The habitual practice of hand wash as well as the donning of face masks should remain as part of our routine. Social distancing should also stay as a safety precaution as we continue to flatten the curve.

2. Healthy and well-balanced meals

A fine and healthy meal shared with the family is a suitable way to naturally boost your immunity from harm. Having a well-balanced diet will ensure that you are armed with the right nourishments. That’s why here at the Goodwill Market, you can find more wholesome food choices that can be included in your meal plans.

NutriBrownRice Drinks

You can find a warm and nutritious cup in NutriBrownRice. The flavorful offerings of NutriBrownRice are celebrated for their splendid balance of deliciously appetizing and quality drinks that the whole family can enjoy.

Build your body’s immunity with wild floral honey.

Young and old alike can appreciate the luscious taste of NutriBrownRice Honey that also promotes stronger immunity. The wild floral honey is a delectable treat that acts both as an antibiotic and a tasteful component in this cup.

Boost your energy with this appetizing cup of oats and brown rice.

The NutriBrownRice Oat with Soy Lecithin is a finely delish supplementary drink that improves heart function. This is due to the drink’s a hefty source of calcium and Vitamin B6 which also help to reduce fatigue.

Find an easier way to improve your kid’s appetite with a drink they’ll love.

Kids will celebrate with a cup of NutriBrownRice Chocolate. It is the perfect drink to enhance their appetite for every meal. Drinking a cup of this daily may also improve their sleep and disposition.

3. Daily intake of vitamins and supplements

We will need an additional layer of protection once we reunite with the world outside. That’s why we should take our vitamins and mineral supplements. Especially for family members who can get more busy in the coming days, vitamins will add to their support.

Berocca Performance

Face the new world with your better selves.

Berocca Performance can help improve your overall energy and cognition for the day. With its B-Vitamins and Vitamin C components, it helps you to release more energy in your activities. Just add one tablet of Berocca Performance in a glass of water or your bottled drink.

Bewell-C and Bewell-C Kids

A yummy and nutritious vitamin will enhance your toddler’s defense against illnesses.

With Bewell-C, more vitamins can stay in your kid’s system for their better immunity. This vitamin syrup contains a non-acidic Vitamin C plus Zinc to help your child’s defense and protection.

Finding our ground in the new normal will take some time. For now, let’s do everything we can to stay safe. Not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones and those who rely on us. — (TGM)

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