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Introducing the New Superfood: Mushrooms

Key Takeaway

In this article, we discuss the spectacular health benefits of mushrooms and how to incorporate them in your diet.

Whether you're a casual eater or a devoted food enthusiast, the gourmet appeal of mushrooms can't be dismissed. Sometimes a dish is only an inch away from a fancy upgrade by adding just a few mushroom toppings. But this seems like downplaying the full rewards of this beloved fungi.

For centuries, several cultures have relied on the humble mushroom for medicinal purposes. And it held quite a stunning reputation that for a long time the benefits of these fungi were reserved mostly for the elite class. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depict mushrooms as the noble's plant for immortality. While in Chinese herbal medicine, the Reishi (linzhi) and Cloud (yunzhi) mushrooms were valued herbal tonics for emperors due to their potent health-promoting properties.

As generations pass, the fame of these mushrooms continue to live among traditional circles. Fortunately, the modern world has finally begun to take notice and now studies regarding mushrooms grow by the day. Discover the hidden power that lies inside this popular fungi.

A pocketful of health wonders.

Mushrooms may look modest, but they come in packed with helpful antioxidants. Some of the significant nutrients they possess are Selenium, vitamin D, and B-vitamins, which may come as a surprise. What's even better is that we can enjoy these advantages to our heart's content as these small mushrooms are low-calorie and cholesterol-free. Here's how they can help you daily.

Protects you from the signs of aging

In eastern culture, mushrooms were traditionally renowned for its rejuvenating qualities. And thanks to contemporary science, this reputation can now be grounded on proven evidence. Mushrooms contain a substantial volume of Glutathione and Ergothioneine, antioxidants that can significantly prevent inflammation and effects of aging on our hair and skin.

Promotes a healthy heart

For those eyeing to manage their weight and cholesterol, mushrooms can be of fine help. These fungi are an ideal source of dietary fiber called beta-glucan, which boosts heart health. As mushrooms contain minimal sodium, they can enrich your meals' flavor without having undesired results to your blood pressure. You'll be glad to know that mushrooms also make an excellent and satisfying alternative for red meat.

Grants you more energy and immunity

It's rare for fruits and vegetables to contain Selenium, making the common mushroom a peculiar find. But it is thanks to this distinct asset that allows mushrooms to prevent inflammation and cancer-causing compounds in the body. And bolstered by potent B-vitamins, mushrooms also help you utilize energy more productively.

Taking your daily essence of mushroom

For us staying at home, it might seem too difficult to whip up meals that feature this charming superfood. But not to worry, there are plenty of solutions to still receive mushroom's benefits. NeuCell's Essence of Mushroom sources the excellent properties of the yun-zhi mushroom and gathers it in one convenient herbal dietary supplement. Never miss the opportunity to strengthen your health and immunity with NeuCell.

We can go to such huge lengths for our overall wellness. But perhaps, the solutions we're looking for are more accessible than we think. Sticking to what's true and natural for our health often reaps the most rewards. Support your health with a proper diet, exercise, and daily boost from NeuCell's Essence of Mushroom. —(TGM)

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