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How You Can Use Feelings of Stress and Anxiety to Fuel Creativity

Did you know that 72 out of 100 people say that stress and anxiety moderately affect their daily lives? Feelings of distress and uneasiness are something that many people frequently experience on a regular basis.

Things like work and relationships are just a few of the external things that make us feel troubled. When piled up and not properly managed, this leads to developing feelings of stress and constant anxiousness.

However, even though we mostly connect these weary feelings to negative things, they can also serve as tools in fleshing out our productivity and creativity.

In his work, The Concept of Anxiety, philosopher Soren Kierkegaard mentioned how anxiety has a great relation to creativity and how the former fuels the latter. Though we mostly feel lethargic or bummed out whenever we experience such troublesome feelings, we can learn how to manage them by engaging in activities that will help us have a calmer mind and realign our thoughts and mindset.

With that, we’ve listed down a few tips that you can follow to help you use your stressful and anxious feelings to your advantage.

Get yourself moving.

Many studies have proved that exercising or simply engaging in any physical activity helps reduce anxiety and negative emotions by improving your mental health, cognitive function, and even self-esteem.

It also increases the level of endorphins or “happy hormones” in your body, which lowers your chances of experiencing stress and anxiety.

Getting yourself into motion or any physical activity helps boost and enhance your creativity by allowing you to acquire long periods of creative thought.

Engaging in physical activities also improves your sleep, which helps manage your thoughts and feelings that could be causing the negative emotions that you experience.

Tap on your creative side.

In the unsettling and uneasy feelings of stress and anxiety, it may sometimes feel hard to give yourself the push you need to work. However, you should also not let your emotions get the best out of you and control you in the end. Take advantage of these feelings and instead use them to help you fuel your creativity.

Once you have calmed down from the peak of your feelings, use your talent as an avenue to help you relieve and artistically express your emotions. Allow yourself to explore and understand them, and let your creativity depict them.

Doing this also allows you to shift your mind away from your troubling thoughts and feelings and instead focus on the art that you’re creating. It also lets you learn how to manage your feelings and opens a room for you to improve, both in handling your emotions and even honing your craft and talent.

Explore from home.

Exploring places that spark joy and happiness in you is one great way to relieve yourself from your troubling feelings. It also allows you to process creative ideas and be inspired to dabble on creative works. But with the limited outdoor access at this time, you can only do as much as to be safe in the comforts of your home.

One way you can virtually experience the delightful feeling of exploring outside is by getting creative in your kitchen and bringing dishes with international flavors into life.

Cooking itself also nourishes your mind and helps you wash off the overwhelming feelings you have because of stress and anxiety. It requires a lot of concentration and mindfulness, allowing you to get out of your head’s clouded thoughts.

With this, it’s like you are hitting two birds with one stone, getting the feeling of going to a place that brings you joy and using your creativity for cooking exquisite dishes that would make you feel like you are traveling even if you’re at home.

For a delicate cooking experience, you can try using Umbria Terra Di Tartufi. They have various choices from Original Truffle Sauce, White Truffle Oil, and Black Truffle Sauce. Add any of these into your dishes, and you will instantly feel like you are traveling and visiting the attractive places of Italy.

Umbria Terra Di Tartufi is a good alas in achieving delicious dishes that will make you feel accomplished and as if you are exploring the world outside.

We may feel paralyzed at times when we experience distressing feelings of stress and anxiety. However, we can always remind ourselves that we have control over our lives and that we have the power to wield such feelings to our advantage. Better yet, we can find ways to use them to help us tap on our creative side and channel them through our art and talent. — (TGM)

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