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BFF Goals: 3 Ways To Boost Each Other's Confidence From Afar

Having a best friend is one of life’s greatest treasures. You often associate them with a sibling because of the tight bonds you form with each other. Knowing that someone is at your side through thick and thin is a reassurance unlike anything else.

But with the sudden need to distance socially from everyone, maintaining relationships and friendships at this time has been challenging given the limited chances to meet up and spend time together in person.

Not only did the pandemic make it hard for people to bond conveniently, but it may have also caused certain distressing emotions to some others. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness have resurfaced due to the sudden isolation that everyone has to go through in exchange for safety.

Virtual hangouts through video calls have been the norm during this pandemic. However, are also a few other ways that you and your best friend can do to help each other cope during this time and boost each other’s confidence even from afar.

With that, here are three and simple ways in which you can boost your best friend’s self-esteem and make her feel good about herself even if you’re apart from one another.

1. Give each other compliments

The implementation of certain protocols, including social distancing, is intended to keep everyone’s safety, including yourself and your loved ones. But despite it, being in isolation can affect one’s overall wellness, cause stress, anxiety, and even lower one’s self-esteem.

Factors like the pandemic, being away from loved ones, and even getting through each day, making sure that you are safe and healthy can be overwhelming together. In addition, isolation can make you feel lonely despite constantly communicating with your best friend and peers.

While you and your best friend are able to keep good communication and be each other’s support system, take the chance to give out compliments that would make the both of you feel good and comforted. Compliment each other’s looks, how well you both did on your tasks, or even how nice the photos you shared online.

Compliment even the smallest things that none of you would have noticed or paid attention to about yourself and see the difference that these compliments would make on each other's respective moods.

Not only would these compliments put smiles on your faces, but they would also allow both of you to think positively about your surroundings and, most especially, about your own self. And the more you have a positive mindset, the more you will feel good, which would help you boost back your confidence up to a notch.

2. Exchange small presents

Even from afar, you and your best friend can take the time and effort to give each other small gifts that would put smiles on your faces. Not only would you make your best friend feel happy, but you would also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re able to brighten up her day.

And a present can be anything that would make your best friend feel delighted. You can choose to give each other a certain item that you both like or curate a small gift box with things that will make your best friend feel happy.

If you’re considering getting beauty and wellness essentials, here are two of our suggestions:

You can try giving each other Avène Hydrance Deep Moist Lotion that provides the nourishing that your skin needs, keeping it soft and smooth all the time. It also helps revitalize your skin after cleansing and is a great partner to start your skin care regimen.

You can also choose NaFlora Protect Feminine Hygiene Wash that gives you the everyday feminine care that you need. It is hypoallergenic and helps contain your pH level. It is specially formulated for daily use to make you feel good and refreshed all the time.

Take this as an opportunity to remind each other to look after yourselves to ensure the confidence boost that you need to be at your best.

To make it more special and meaningful, add a short letter with a few encouraging words along with your small present to fully brighten up your best friend’s day and make her happy and comforted.

3. Have a deep and heartfelt conversation

Encouraging words and giving gifts have the power of making you both happy and increasing your confidence level. But at times, a simple yet heartfelt conversation is all you need to truly feel better about yourself.

Start a conversation and candidly talk about all the things that you want to let out or simply share. It could be about certain struggles that you both have, or even the good and fun stuff from your daily lives that you want to tell one another.

This would not only lift the burden that you both have, but it would also make you both feel less lonely amid the isolation from everyone and everything outside. It would also make the two of you feel relieved and confident that you have a friend supporting you even from afar during this time.

Listen to what the both of you have to say and validate each other’s feelings and emotions. Let each other know that you will always be there to help one another get through the days with confidence, knowing that you both got each other’s back through all the highs and lows that life will bring you.

Grand gestures are not necessarily needed to show that you are there for your best friend. At times, a couple of small things and simple deeds are enough to support each other, motivate one another, and help boost your confidence. The distance that you have should not hinder anyone of you from helping each other out in ways that you could to make the two of you feel better and good about yourself. — (TGM)

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