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Aging Gracefully: Clearing Old Habits For Brighter Years

Key Takeaway

In this article, we discuss how developing better lifestyle habits may help us keep the tough signs of aging at bay.

Life is a merry-go-round bringing new plots of adventure at every turn. And if we wish to keep going, then it might be about time we take better care of the gears that grant us this once in a lifetime ride.

It's only natural to feel the symptoms of aging as we go. From visible indications like sunspots and fine lines to physical manifestations in our bones and joints. Thankfully, it's a slow transition that doesn't happen overnight. We're given just enough time to process and internalize these changes. But some people may encounter these earlier than expected.

There are several factors involved to cause premature aging. And if you think that your body's reaching maturity faster than what number tells you, it will be helpful to know that the answer may lie in making a few tweaks to your lifestyle.

Time To Outgrow Old Habits

The youthful vigor you once had in your 20s and 30s may have been the foundation for later success, but it might have let you adopt habits that don't age well. Your body is not in the same condition as it once was. Therefore, it might also be time that you retire from certain old practices. Flushing these out of your system may take a long while, but it will benefit your health in the years to come. Here is what you can do going forward.

A spoonful of sugar hastens the need for medicine.

Tone down the sweets

You've grown accustomed to a sweet life with sugar. But now that your body is reaching the age where it's more prone to high blood pressure and other illnesses, it's best to find low-sugar alternatives. Aside from causing inflammation in our bodies, refined sugar also contributes to the skin to sag at a quicker pace.

Find your inner balance

Stress has never been a friendly company, and even more so in old age. A lifestyle fraught with strain and the absence of proper stress response may invite more bodily harm. Unhealthy vices may cause undesirable effects such as excessive dehydration, memory problems, and further health decline. A positive coping mechanism should be in place for a smoother voyage down the line. Early morning meditation and late-night readings are ways you can reconnect with your center. Remember that sometimes change is beyond your control, but there will always be more things to be grateful for.

When you stimulate your body, your brain comes alive in ways you can't simulate in a sedentary position. — Twyla Tharp, dancer and choreographer

Follow a healthier routine

Years of working late nights in pursuit of personal goals have been at the cost of your overall wellness. It's time that you find balance in your routines. Adequate sleep and regular exercise are an ideal combination that yields optimal health benefits. Studies show that adults who take up an exercise regimen in their later years help mitigate the physical challenges often linked to aging. Even non-strenuous activities such as gardening and doing house chores may also keep your bones and heart health in check.

Looking Forward With Recogen

Exchanging old habits for new lifestyle choices will add refreshing zest to your later years, but it won't keep you from aging altogether. This natural cycle, however, shouldn't be something to be afraid of. With Recogen, you can find a dependable aid against the tough signs of aging. In the face of aching joints and weak bones, Recogen's collagen enriched with calcium support can help you steer clear from mineral deficiencies often encountered in old age. Maintain mobility and youthful energy even in the late phases of your life.

Time flies by fast when you're caught by life's endless wonders. Your goal is to reach as many peaks as you can —often forgetting to breathe before the next summit. But now that you've had the time to pause and take a look back at what you've accomplished, perhaps it's time to turn your focus on your tired hands and unsteady limbs. A time for rest and healthy recollection are tools to get you further on your journey. —(TGM)

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