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The Antidote for Procrastination

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In this article, we talk about why we often put off our goals for later and the simple practices we can do to change this mindset with the help of TGM.

There was a time when bucket lists were a thing, and you list down all the small and big things you want to achieve in your life. Everyone has done this, and whether it was in the form of these trendy lists or simply picking up a journal or planner and listing them down there, everyone has set and made goals in life that they want to accomplish.

If we have managed to write our goals down, why do we still catch ourselves putting them off for later instead? Rather than feeling motivated and driven to work on them immediately, why do we choose to do them tomorrow, next week, or next month?

Though it feels exciting to have our goals and aspirations identified and listed down, we have to bear in mind that this is not enough. We have to take action and give the work required to achieve them. And yet, this next step is usually when we start to falter.

Why do we put off our goals for later?

Most of the goals that we want to achieve are not time-pressed, which gives us no urgency to attend to them right away. We are unlikely to set a deadline for long-term and sustainable goals like developing a healthy and active lifestyle or maintaining a job or career that we love. We often wait until we feel ready before we start doing practices and make changes to work on such goals, which prompts us to set them aside and attend to them later.

But truth be told, we will never be fully ready, and we will constantly catch ourselves walking on eggshells even if we made past through the beginning stages of fulfilling our goals. Instead of always setting the start of our journey aside for a later period, the best thing that we can do is act on it right away and start today.

Here are some simple practices that you can do to prevent yourself from setting your goals for later.

1. Always remember your "Why"

Goals don't just appear out of the blue. They're born out of a personal desire or need. Shedding off a couple of pounds or aiming to get eight hours of sleep each night aren't practices that you do just because. But in the process of facing the challenge of getting it done, you tend to forget why you're doing them in the first place. Most of your focus has drifted off to how tired it makes you feel or just how tedious it might be.

To prevent yourself from feeling demotivated, have an everyday reminder of why you're trying to commit to these habits and practices. Get a friend as your accountability partner. Write your reason on a sticky note and stick it on your mirror. Or better yet, you can even set it as your phone wallpaper. The trick is to create an environment where you'll be constantly reminded and inspired to keep going.

2. Give yourself a deadline

As time passes by, you often get distracted by several factors that draw your mind away from your goals. You either get busy with work, family, or life in general that the desire to start gets pushed back to a later period to give way for other things. If you want to bring our aspirations into reality, we must stay focused despite the hindrances that get in our way.

By designing a timeline for your goals, it'll be easier for you to maintain steady progress. A little bit of pressure won't hurt. Think of having a deadline as an unbreakable promise you've made with yourself. Take time each day to evaluate what you've accomplished so you can determine how else to improve and move forward.

3. Invest in your future self

Starting and doing things now is all for your benefit. Someday, you would want to look back at the time you've had and thank yourself for choosing better. The decisions you make are all for your own good, and the steps you take forward are a form of investment in your future self.

A way that you can invest in yourself is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Invest in supplements that boost your immunity and protect your body. You can take Neucell, an extracted-mushroom supplement that helps enhance your immune system and keep your body healthy and protected.

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Starting and working on your goals is and will never be easy. But bear in mind that your goals will remain as is if you keep putting them off for later. The more you wait for the moment that you feel ready to start and tackle, the more you are pushing these goals further away to be achieved. It only takes some courage and trust until you can nudge yourself to start working today and make your dreams happen. — (TGM)

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