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A Better Bedtime Routine To Give You A Quality Sleep

Did you know that a night routine can also be your 'me' time? Night routines give off feel-good hormones, elevating your day with optimism. It can help you stay recharged, especially with this hustle and bustle of life. Thus, aside from having your usual six to eight-hour sleeping schedule, it is suggested to create an effective routine just for you.

Having a night routine promotes a sense of control in terms of focus and organization. Furthermore, crafting activities that put your mind at ease can minimize your worries. Aside from this, getting quality relaxation makes you feel better and efficient the following day.

You might have lingering questions like "What steps should I follow?" or "What products should I use to achieve that ideal rest?" Lighten up your mood and turn your nights into something more refined with these simple ideas:

1. Take a calming bath.

Submerging yourself in warm water may improve your immune system and lower stress levels. Your blood also circulates better and becomes more oxygenated, allowing you to breathe deeper and slower. Moreover, to fully soothe and give your skin the care it needs, try Suu Balm Body Wash.

2. Don't forget to do your skincare.

Giving importance to your skincare routine aside from keeping your skin healthy may boost your confidence. With the use of Avene Cleanance Micellar Water, that glowing skin throughout the day may be achieved. This hypoallergenic product is also known for cleansing your face, removing make-up, and regulating excess oil. Hence, it is perfect for all skin types. You might also want to try Avene Gentle Toning Lotion. This bi-phase toner assists in completing your make-up removing process while giving off that comfort and softness feeling.

3. Set aside all of your gadgets.

Binge-watching your favorite shows or talking endlessly with your friends is one activity most of us enjoy. However, be reminded that these gadgets are to be placed aside an hour before bed, as it emits blue light. This light coming from electronic screens may even lead to blurry vision and eyestrain. More so, it can affect your sleeping pattern as it stops the release of Melatonin, making your body think that it is still the morning.

4. Indulge some light snacks.

Having some snacks on your bedside is ideal, especially that midnight cravings are unavoidable. Eating light snacks such as Gullón Maria Biscuit, Gullón Vanilla Wafer, or Gullón Shortbread is a good source of whole grain fiber and is sugar-free. These light snacks are also a perfect blend with a glass of milk, enabling you to fall asleep better.

5. Start preparing for the next day.

One key to achieving more time in the morning is to prepare. By jotting down your tomorrow's tasks the night before, you get to kickstart your day. Other than this, it is also helpful to have your breakfast and lunch ready. This kind of habit creates a more enjoyable morning as you watch the sunrise while sipping some hot chocolate.

6. Take a downtime.

Alleviate your stress with some book reading. You will be astonished to know how literature as recreation can help relax and improve your memory. Therefore, making it easier to have a smooth-flowing day tomorrow. You may also opt to observe mindfulness as it can help in creating a calm ambiance. Through meditation, one can build a better night routine as you experience tranquility and reduce any form of tension. So start with slow and deep breaths. And finally, lay down on your bed while thinking of peaceful and happy thoughts.

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experiences. - Jon Kabat-Zinn, expert of modern mindfulness

Creating a night routine besides your other daily habits may serve as guidance for you to enjoy a well-balanced life. Therefore, it is necessary to follow your sleeping schedule, take care of yourself, and most significantly, be flexible with all the ever-growing changes.

With this, do yourself a favor and turn your nights into something you look forward to every day. By having these easy-to-do routines, you get to wind down, improve your sleep, and be prepared to conquer what tomorrow awaits. — (TGM)

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