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Hida Meat Bolognese Sauce 355g (Bundle of 3)

Price: ₱571.50

  • Product Information

    This sauce is a typical Italian dish adapted to our Mediterranean cuisine, a fusion of traditional Italian cooking with our culinary culture, all slow-cooked with our Tomato Frito and fresh, top-quality beef and pork. Made with 100% natural raw material, Hida aims to serve the customers the best because you make Hida. We use and select freshly harvested vegetables to provide all the natural flavor. A dish made by hand with ecological tomato and roast pepper, all fried with extra-virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt and sugar. Ideal to accompany any dish or simply to enjoy its authentic homemade flavor. Only 24 hours pass from the harvest of the raw ingredients until they are processed and packed.In its concern for satisfying the most demanding consumers, Hida has become a brand of reference with the maximum guarantees of food safety.Your satisfaction is the key to our motivation.

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