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Sierra De Utiel Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Price: ₱479.30

  • Product Information

    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL PREMIUM QUALITY. An excellent blend of the Arbequina, Picual & Cornicabra varieties. An intensely fruity oil, with mild aromas of fresh grass, tomato aftertaste with an average intensity of bitterness & spice.

    PRESERVING ALL THE PROPERTIES. The packaging of the extra virgin olive oil in individual units provides excellent preservation, keeping the freshness and all the olive oil aromas. Perfect to take away for picnic or to the office to dress your lunch easily, comfortably and hygienically.

    FIRST COLD PRESSED, allowing the preservation of the olive fruit natural qualities that together with the lastest generation technology provides the best organoleptic conditions (taste, aroma and colour) of the extra virgin olive oil.

    ORIGIN SPAIN. Produced in the Valencian Community, this olive oil stands out for the unique qualities obtained thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the premium quality of the olive fruit and the painstaking production processes.

    ADDITIVE FREE. Sierra de Utiel Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively contains premium quality Extra Virgin Olilve Oil, without any type of additive or preservative.

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