Gullón Sugar Free Fiber Biscuit (Bundle Pack 4x170g)

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About the Product

Wholegrain fiber biscuit

How Many?

15 units left

About the Product

Wholegrain fiber biscuit

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Ethical Heritage

Legacy of Excellence

Galletas Gullón is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe. Founded in 1892, it is the only family biscuit business over one hundred years old to survive in the sector.

Started the Health Biscuit Category

In 1979, created the first wholemeal biscuit on the Spanish market and, in 1986, the first biscuit to be made with vegetable oils. This gave rise to the creation of the new ‘health biscuits’, a segment Gullón currently leads in Spain.

Pioneers of Healthy Snacking

At the beginning of 2000, Gullon launched the first low-calorie biscuit: the ‘Salt- and sugar-free diet biscuit’.

Health is Here to Stay

At the present time, it has an annual turnover of more than €200 million and exports to more than 100 countries on all five continents.

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