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Fruit Me Up - Strawberry Pink Guava 90g Bundle of 12

Price: ₱468.00

  • Product Information

    Fruit Me Up! is a line of 100% natural fruit pouches made with apples and other fruits blended together for a delicious, convenient and healthy snack.

  • Product Origin


Ethical Heritage

Quality Always

Fruit Me Up did years of research to create not only a nutritious but also delicious fruit snack for you. Behind every pouch of Fruit Me Up, there is a team of expert, dedicated to guarantee the top quality of our products daily. Made at Andros’ subsidiary in Vietnam, Fruit Me Up follows the French headquarter manufacturing process and quality control, in line with international standards.

Only The Best Fruits

Fruit Me Up source all its fruits in accordance with their high-level quality standards. Each fruit are conscientiously selected for its quality and are processed when fully ripe, flavorful and plentiful of natural sugar & nutrients. That’s why you can eat Fruit Me Up without worry. It’s simply fruits, without added sugar and no preservative, flavouring nor colouring.

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