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Blemil Kids 4 (400g)

Price: ₱426.80

  • Product Information

    Blemil Kids 4 is an enriched growing up milk product for kids from 3 years old onwards that provide adequate supply of nutrients to help kids' physical growth and intellectual development.

    Blemil Kids 4 contains prebiotics FOS-fructooligosaccharides that promote the growth of microbiota rich in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli which may contribute with the natural defenses and help maintain good intestinal transit.

    Blemil Kids 4 is enriched with alpha-linolenic acid (precursor for DHA) and linoleic acid, (precursor for AA) which may support visual and cognitive development.

    Blemil Kids 4 contains L-carnitine and Taurine to support and maintain general healthy state.

    Blemil Kids 4 is enriched with Iron, Vitamin D and Calcium to help prevent deficiencies and contribute to good bone mineralization.

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