The 12 Gifts of Self Care

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We discuss how readers can reinvigorate their spirits and develop a more optimistic outlook with the help of 12 self-care products for the holidays

While December is conventionally synonymous with heaping plates of food and competing in the holiday rush, our weeks leading up to the new year seem to resonate with something different.

After a series of unexpected chapters, some might be counting on this month to be the last of 2020. Unlike past Christmases graced with gleeful cheer and celebration, presently, we appear to be more relieved that the year is finally coming to an end. We all deserve a break for rest and recuperation with the events that we've seen and experienced.

And definitely, we'll need a sweet time to freshen up our spirits before filling the new pages starting January 1st. So what better way to get us sorted than with a soothing self-care session? Choose to treat yourself this season and receive the twelve gifts that self-care has to offer.

Yes, 'tis the season to be more generous to yourself.

1. Inner glow that shines through

Staying indoors for months on end can deprive your skin of necessary vitamins for nourishment. It's time that you reclaim your glow. Through a luxurious dose of French skincare, you can begin to deliver what your skin needs. Avène has the most gentle cleansers and tried-and-tested formulas that can eliminate any dullness to let your best self shine.

2. Find solace in your own skin

It can become challenging to find a sense of comfort, especially when you have sensitive and irritable skin. Those that often deal with itch and dryness can shower in delight with Suu Balm's expert bath essentials. Enjoy the cooling sensation of menthol and the restoring power of ceramides to repair your shelter of solace.

3. Clarity of mind

For the season of new beginnings and new year's resolutions, you must seek acceptance and peace in the hurdles you've faced in the past year. Otherwise, it becomes tricky to tread on a new journey with old baggage slowing you down. Find quiet moments and sip a warm cup of coffee for clarity. Let Chek Hup's reassuring beverages be your partner for times of reflection.

4. Energy to propel you forward

Navigating the changes that happened this year can be quite daunting. But with a little help and support, it can become more manageable. Use this season to optimize your gears and refuel your passion. Polish your necessary tools and proceed at full throttle. Taking a daily dose of Berocca can help pave the way for a resplendent path that sharpens your mind and body.

5. Regained balance from within

You need not feel helpless against your body's ticking clock. The aging process can open surprising realizations about yourself that won't always be welcomed with such delight. But it's time that you embrace all of the things that your milestones bring, even if it's the confusing episodes of menopause. Bionutra Neufemme is an herbal dietary supplement for women.

6. Power to take on any obstacle

Eating the right food and absorbing the right nutrients not only satiate your hunger but also sets you up as a vehicle that can overcome any obstacle. Discover more fulfilling days when you choose to replenish your appetite with wholesome choices. NutriBrownRice's warm and nutritious beverages give you the freedom to improve your days.

7. Chances for new opportunities

There are only a few things we can truly control in life, but this shouldn't leave us in despair. Coming to terms with the reality of our aging selves is just the start. Weakening bones and aching joints can deter several people from new opportunities, yet this doesn't mean you should follow suit. With Recogen, you can find ideal protection from the usual pains of aging.

8. Charm that attracts pleasant company

When you exude positivity, it's only a matter of time before you start attracting companies of the same wavelength. By working on yourself, you can determine what types of people you want to keep for a healthy environment. Surround yourself with pleasant elements and see how it makes your days much better. Make moments with newfound friends sweeter by munching on Gullon's amazing sugar-free biscuits.

9. Stronger immunity

The act of self-care is not limited to relaxing skincare sessions and daily affirmations. Getting enough sleep and following healthy routines are essential yet straightforward practices to ensure your body is well cared for. Without a proper wellness foundation, you're compromising your natural immunity against illnesses. Enhance your defense by laying out a healthy regimen and through the help of premium herbal supplements such as NeuCell.

10. Resilience against stress

How you feel within influences the way your body responds. Suffice it to say, when you take care of your mental health, your body becomes more resilient against external aggressors. Having a well-balanced state of mind will be your buffer from excessive stress. But for an additional boost, you can also take Bewell-C's reliable vitamin C with Zinc Protect for a friendly mood-lifter.

11. Finer taste in life

We all love our familiar menu of comfort food, but when you start thinking smarter about your health, you'll soon discover that the food you eat shouldn't just be about how they satisfy your taste buds. Healthier food alternatives will make your meals nutritiously fuller and encourage you to explore better options. Leave it to Duru Bulgur's fiber-rich grains to introduce you to fresh and worldly flavors.

12. Room for growth

Making time for self-care entails a commitment on your end, requiring you to find a balance in your routines. This new responsibility essentially teaches you how there are certain things in your life that you no longer need to prioritize —such as old habits and inconsequential activities— that you can toss out to make more space for essentials. You'll need time to get the hang of things, and once you do, it will make a massive difference to how you spend your days. In the meantime, take a warm cup of heritage milk tea from Chek Hup for an enriching and gentle contemplation.

If you've been struggling to find time for self-care, the holidays couldn't be a better time to get started. Allow yourself to indulge this season and welcome all the endearing presents of self-care. Let's aim to smooth the tensions we've been feeling and grace the holidays with a glimpse of our better selves. —(TGM)

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