Must-Have Gift Bundles For Your Loved Ones

The holiday is just around the corner, which means it is also time for gift giving. Apart from having a feast and celebrating together with our families, we show our love for them through giving presents. We gift our loved ones things that they will like and will make them feel special.

And as to how the Filipino tradition goes, we embrace the holiday spirit as soon as the “Ber” months have arrived. And to help you prepare for the holidays, we have come up with gift bundle ideas that you can easily shop at TGM. These product bundles are specially curated to fit unique personalities that any of your loved ones may resonate with. Pick what bundle is perfect for a certain loved one, and make them feel special this coming holiday.

For the Reliable Mom Friend

Most of us have that organized friend who has everything that we need inside of their handy bag. Not only that, they take good care of the people around them, which makes them a reliable friend to have. To show your appreciation for them, give these three valuable items that surely match their personality: Salonpas, Softa-Gel, and Softa-Man.

Embodying the personality of a mom, you probably hear this friend complain about body and muscle aches a lot. With that, gifting them a pack of Salonpas will be the solution to this problem. And indeed, no one else would be enthusiastic enough to receive such a present from anyone than the mom-like friend that we have.

And just like how they come in every situation prepared and fully equipped, giving them Softa-Gel and Softa-Man will surely come in handy for them. They won’t have to worry about stocking up on their disinfecting alcohol anymore, which they must have in their bag.

For the Mighty Chef of the Family

In every family, there is one who reigns the kitchen and dining scene, especially during celebrations. Everyone trusts the mighty chef to bring the table scene into life with lavish and enticing dishes that they make out of the corners of the kitchen. And as the holiday approaches, gift them these products that will surely make them feel excited over creating delicious dishes in the kitchen: Sierra De Utiel and Gullón’s

While oil is a staple for every cooked dish, many other recipes can use. In addition, Sierra De Utiel is not just a typical extra virgin olive oil. Sierra De Utiel came from Valencia, Spain, where many olives are being harvested all year round. Sierra De Utiel gives out a unique experience for everyone as they savor the authentic tastes of Spain.

Aside from frying, Sierra De Utiel can be used to make vinaigrette dressings for salads as well. Liven up your salad appetizers with a delicious vinaigrette dressing made with Sierra De Utiel.

And if you want to challenge the family’s mighty chef, give them a pack of Gullón Sugar-Free Digestive biscuits and ask them to make a delicious dessert out of it. In addition, Gullón makes up for a healthy snack alternative as it is sugar-free. Not only would this satisfy the sweet cravings of all, but it will also make up for a guilt-free snack time that the whole family can enjoy together.

For the Active Grandparents

We all have fun and outgoing grandparents in our family. In addition, they may also be the active ones who give great care for their health and wellness. And to show how much you value their health as well, give these supplements that will improve their physical health and the immune system: Recogen, Neufemme, and Berocca.

To protect the joints and relieve them from bone pains, Recogen is perfect for your cheerful grandfather. It has Bioactive Collagen Peptides that strengthens the bone and nourishes their cartilage. Recogen also helps in regaining their mobility so they can continue living the active lifestyle that they want.

To your lovely and caring grandmother, Neufemme is the right supplement for them. It has herbal extracts from Mung beans and Eucommia bark that helps ease pain due to menopause. In addition, Neufemme helps combat damaging effects on the skin, leaves a radiant glow, and improves skin elasticity over time.

And to boost their immune system, gift them Berocca. One glass in the morning with their meals makes up for a great energy booster for the day. It sharpens the mind and improves productivity so anyone can perform at their best throughout the day.

For the Chic and Stylish Friend

And lastly, the stylish friend that we have who is always updated about the beauty trends. They must be the friend that emits a ray of bright aura that instantly makes you smile when you are around them. And to show your love for them, Avène and Suu Balm make for a perfect gift idea for them.

Gift them the Avène Hydrating Starter Kit for an ultimate skincare gift set that will surely fill their heart with joy. The kit comprises Micellar Lotion, Thermal Spring Water, Hydrating Serum, and Light Cream that helps keep moisturize and softens the skin. The Hydrating Starter Kit will give their skin the best glow-up to make their confidence jump up to a higher level.

And for an ultimate skincare regimen, gift them Suu Balm’s Facial Cleanser. It is formulated with premium ingredients that make for a deeply hydrating cleanser. Suu Balm’s Facial Cleanser also helps moisturize and soothes your skin and is suitable for those who have sensitive and itchy skin.

Indeed, the holidays will not be complete without the tradition of gift-giving. Whether we give lavish presents or small ones, this practice helps us develop a stronger relationship with our loved ones. We get to show our love and appreciation through gifts that we specially picked for each person. With that, we hope you get to have an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones this year. — (TGM)

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