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How To Build The Right Workspace For You

Whether you work at home or in the office, you have probably spent most of your time in front of your desk. To an extent, being on your desk has become a significant part of your daily routine. Do you know that something as simple as your choice of work desk can play an important role and even affect your work performance? A clean desk setup can improve your productivity, while a disorganized one can clutter your mind and even impair your ability to perform well.

With that, we have listed down some tips on how you can create a suitable workspace for yourself. Whether you are working remotely or reporting at your office, these tips will help you craft the ideal setup so you can be at your best every day.

Find the proper lighting for your desk

Whichever time you are working, your desk must have proper lighting that supports your workflow. Good lighting helps improve our mood, decreases stress, and increases our productivity. If you can choose to set up a desk near a window, that would be perfect as natural light helps improve your productivity. But you can always opt to use an artificial and a good desk lamp if working near a window is impossible. See what works for you and invest in good lighting for your work setup.

Invest in ergonomic equipment

Working at your desk and being seated for long hours in a day can eventually take a toll on our physical health. For instance, a chair that causes discomfort can impair your productivity and, much more, affect your overall physical health and wellbeing. Neck cramps and back pains are unavoidable, especially when you don't have the right chair and equipment that support you. It is better to invest in comfortable work equipment to prevent physical health strains that could hinder you from performing at your best.

If you want to invest in a tool that will help decrease the chances of experiencing back pain, we have various products from BackJoy that may work for you and your needs. For instance, you might want to consider Core Traction Sit, Posture Plus Sit, and Perfect Fit Lumbar, all of which are perfect for office chairs. These ergonomic devices will provide you instant relief from any back pain. Apart from that, these BackJoy products are also suitable for all-day sitting. So if you ever have to pull a long day of working to accomplish your tasks, take a look at these ergonomic products that might just be right and perfect for you.

Keep some greens in your surroundings

The mere presence of plants around you can help increase your productivity. Plants allow you to sustain your focus and alertness, reduce feelings of stress, and boost your mood and productivity. Aside from these, plants help clean and purify the air in your workspace. Plants remove toxins found in the air and provide pure oxygen for you to breathe. This also helps lessen the chances of getting sick, significantly affecting your health and work.

If you want to take further steps and ensure that your health is always protected, TGM has Bewell-C and Zinc for you. This Vitamin C is non-acidic and helps boost your immunity, giving you ample energy to conquer your days with productivity.

Have some snacks for a quick energy boost

Days at our work can vary from time to time. There are weeks when we can easily manage and navigate our way out and enjoy the weekend waiting at the end of the five-day working streak. Yet, there are also days when we face challenging situations that can leave us feeling weary and lethargic. Preparing some light snacks to keep around your desk can help you get that energy boost to push yourself to finish off the day strong.

With that, you might want to check out our products from Gullón that are healthy and have no added sugar. You can try Gullón’s Yogurt Sandwich Biscuit, which is both sugar and cholesterol-free. Gullón’s Chocolate Sandwich Biscuitcomprises wholegrain crackers with chocolate filling and doesn't have added sugar.

And if you want to pair your Gullón crackers with a drink, Granell Coffee is a great deal. This premium brand from Spain offers three different varieties: Premium Coffee, Hazelnut, and Chocolate. Granell also comes in sustainable packaging, which makes it an environment-friendly brand.

Together, these make for a perfect combo for a quick and much-needed work break for your day. Not only that, a few bites of Gullón and some wonderful sips of Granell coffee can help make your day better. With the energy boost that you’ll get from these, you’ll be able to get back to work and finish your tasks with a recharged mind.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

It can be tempting to reach out and sip that another cup of coffee as you power through your day and your tasks. But as much as coffee helps us stay focused and energized, it can also be the primary reason for our dehydration if not controlled. Dehydration causes headaches, tiredness, and even lightheadedness that could eventually affect our overall health and wellbeing. To prevent these signs from happening, always keep a handy water bottle around your work desk.

You can look at Hydro Flask as your everyday hydration partner. This fantastic water bottle has its own TempShield technology that allows the flask to keep your drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 24 hours. The 32oz and 21oz sizes are both perfect and enough for all-day hydration.

Free your desk from any clutter

The best way to keep your productivity in check is to maintain the orderliness of your work desk. A messy desk may impair your mind and thinking, which may affect your ability to do meaningful work. Keep your desk organized and place the things you use daily within easy reach.

It can be daunting to think of how to craft the desk setup that will work for you. For instance, we settle with the default look as long as it “works.” But if you want yourself to be able to work at your best state, it is beneficial to build a desk setup that would complement your needs and allow you to work efficiently every day. Remember, it’s always great to work in a space that you will enjoy spending time in. — (TGM)

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