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Happy Snacking with Gullón

For guests who traveled a long way, the most essential matter would be deciding how to welcome them best. While the celebration of Chinese New Year means that a sumptuous feast is in order, it is vitally important for any welcoming host to offer snacks that guests can partake while waiting for the feast.

Because this occasion is an important annual tradition, ordinary cookies are simply not enough. You need to serve biscuits that not only delight the taste buds but can also please a variety of taste profiles. After all, what delights the kids may not necessarily woo the palates of the adults.

Aside from a pleasing taste, biscuits are associated with good fortune because of the popularity of fortune cookies. Although the practice of opening up a cookie and reading a message inside did not initially originate from China, this perception of good luck and fortunate happenstance caught on.

To make it easy and straightforward for you to serve delectable treats that everyone will enjoy, stock up on Gullón! The makers of these delicious biscuits started in 1892 in Europe and invented the health biscuit category. Because the company exports to more than 100 countries on all five continents, customers genuinely love it, and surely your guests will too.

For your Chinese New Year celebration, we suggest serving the following variants of Gullón:

Gullón Digestive Sugar-Free Biscuits are best served to guests who are watching what they eat. These sugar-free biscuits are high in fiber and contain high-oleic sunflower oil, which means that they are healthier than ordinary cookies.

Gullón Chocolate Chip Biscuits are ideally offered to friends who prefer luscious treats. These treats are lightly sweetened and contain a generous amount of chocolate chips that burst with flavor. Like the other items offered by Gullón, these chocolate chip biscuits contain high amounts of fiber and high-oleic sunflower oil.

Gullón Vitalday Yogurt Filling Biscuits are perfect for relatives who like munching on lightly-sweetened delights. These wholegrain treats are filled with plentiful amounts of yogurt and berry filling that contains the right amount of sweetness.

Gullón No Added Sugar Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits pair excellently with jasmine and rooibos tea. Sandwiched between two filling biscuits is a lightly sweetened chocolate filling that’s sure to delight even the most discerning dessert seeker.

Gullón Sugar-Free Vanilla Wafers has all the makings of a crowd-favorite. With an airy texture and a lightly sweetened vanilla filling, guests will be surprised to know that this Gullón variant has no added sugar.

This season is all about fond family reunions. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, treat them with a generous spread of Gullón biscuits. Partaking of these delightfully delicious delicacies will genuinely make your guests feel that luck is on their side. — (TGM)


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