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BackJoy Relief: How To Maintain Good Posture Wherever You Go

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Keeping your posture proper may be hard, but it is well worth the effort. With the help of BackJoy, you can sit straight anytime, anywhere.

Maintaining proper posture is more than meets the eye. Keep your posture in check with the help of BackJoy.

From small changes to big leaps, we’ve faced different challenges that affected the way we live our daily lives. We’ve also developed a lot of new habits. Though most of them are good, some could be less desirable.

Slumping over desktop computers and laptops may have been a habit you’ve noticed during quarantine. But even before the pandemic, slouching and bad posture is pretty common for those attached to their desks. Just because a lot of us do it, however, doesn’t mean that we should let it be.

Why is Poor Posture a Bad Habit?

Having poor posture may bring a range of undesirable effects on your body. From back pain and neck pain, to long term effects like spine curvature; these are just a few examples of what happens to your body by keeping poor posture. Keeping a bad posture also heightens the risk of serious injury to your body in the future, makes you feel fatigued, and prevents your body from being at its best condition in the present.

There are a few symptoms that may show that you are suffering from poor posture. If you are experiencing body aches, body pain or headaches regularly, it may be a sign that you need to tweak how you sit and stand. Having rounded shoulders, a potbelly or a leaning head may also be additional indicators that change is needed for your spinal health.

Now that you know what happens when you have poor posture, you should be inclined to keep your posture in check.

Better Posture Practices with BackJoy

Here at The Goodwill Market, we’re here to make your days better. So we’ve compiled different ways you can improve your posture with the help of your trusted posture corrector, BackJoy!

Most seats do not provide your back the support it needs, therefore leading to complaints and chronic pains over time. With BackJoy, you can turn your chair into an ergonomic tool to improve your posture, and improve your life.

Seize the day without needing to take a step back to straighten your back.

BackJoy is an innovative seating device that was made to help you correct and maintain your good posture. This revolutionary, compact, and user-friendly seating solution is specifically designed to ease and relieve the effects of bad posture, and help start your proper posture journey.

Here are some of the ways that BackJoy can help you improve your posture through the day’s adventure.

Explore Yoga Exercises With Posture Core

Doing exercises such as bridges, planks, hip stretches, and yoga allow your body to build core muscles that would support and relieve stress on your spine.

Starting yoga exercises with BackJoy will help get you started in your new fitness journey. You can follow this video guide to see how you can use the SitSmart Posture Core for core yoga exercises. The foundation of your body is key to maintaining good posture, so build it up properly by doing proper exercises.

Align Your Spine with Perfect Fit Lumbar

When you’re at the desk preoccupied by work, you may forget to keep your back aligned. This may also happen during long drives, causing discomfort on your lower back.

It’s difficult to stay conscious of your posture while your focus is taken by other activities. But don’t worry, this is exactly what BackJoy was made for.

You can use BackJoy’s Perfect Fit Lumbar for office and kitchens chairs, and even car seats. You can bring it anywhere with you so your back’s prepared for whatever activity you’ve planned for the day.

The best thing about BackJoy is that it comes in different colors and sizes —perfect for all types of personalities. Every seat support is comfortable and dedicated to helping you improve your back health.

What are the benefits of good posture?

They say that good posture is key to great health, and they really do have good reasons for saying so. To name a few, here are a few benefits of good posture:

1. Boosts Your Confidence

It is proven by studies that good posture shifts how you feel about yourself. Sitting up straight and keeping an upbeat attitude is truly the way to boost your confidence and help you face the day with positivity.

Maintaining good posture ensures that your spine is aligned properly. Bad posture prevents your lungs from performing at its best and correcting this leads to better breathing.

2. Improves Digestion

Slumping down can put pressure on your abdomen and mess up your body’s functions. This causes you to suffer from constipation and slowed digestion.

3. Increases Your Productivity

Without the pains of bad posture, you will feel good about your body. This allows you to be focused on what you need to do, and keeps your energy levels at 100 percent. It goes to show that posture and productivity really do go hand in hand.

Breaking bad habits is not a piece of cake. Though it may be difficult to change what you’ve grown used to, you’ll definitely reap its rewards in the long run. Correcting the way you sit and stand today is one of the small ways to make better changes for your future. — (TGM)

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